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A Star Is Born – Honest Review

A Star Is Born was truly a beautiful film, in every sense of the word. I can admit, I wasn’t really keen on seeing the film, the title sounded cringey, I thought it was going to just be another average movie trying to use a non-actor for a prominent role coincidently around awards season. I wasn’t expecting much. I had never seen the older films (not even realising there were adaptations) so we had no idea how the film was going to play out. What we didn’t expect was for Bradley Cooper to make a dreamlike musical, but made real, and not afraid to be nihilistic and rough despite the musical cliches like singing in a carpark.

Right from the start we’re instantly catapulted into Jack’s superstardom, and we immediately know that he is slowly withering away. Cooper beautifully takes us through the downfall of Jack’s character, and it’s truly impressive how well he pulls this off, Gaga is phenomenal in the role, which I want expecting. I thought she would be playing herself, but she stood out from the rest of the cast. Our friend didn’t realise until he got home that it was lady gaga. Her performance made it so real, as though it was her own story, and in some way it probably is.

We were both in awe after what she did in the final scene, I can’t really put my emotions in words to properly describe how great and intoxicating she sounds, how much the look in her eyes makes you believe her character and what she’s going through. And also, THAT CUT at the end without which the whole scene would feel incomplete, it’s such a blunt but also subtle and beautiful way to bring back what cannot be brought back, which was so so powerful that even when we were listening to the song in the car that cut which was unexpectedly thrown in really made us feel all the emotion again. I wasn’t expecting anything that I witnessed. Jack is one of the most interesting characters due to the phenomenal writing. All Jack cared about was being true within your music, and that’s why he was so attracted to Ally to begin with. All of the songs are phenomenal, and I’ll be shocked if one of the songs doesn’t win Best Original Song at the Oscars next year.

On seeing it three times, the third time we realised the pacing was a lot better in the first half of the film compared to the second half, but when you’re so wrapped up in the emotion and the story you honestly don’t realise. Luckily, it evens out a bit towards the end to a very emotional and impactful ending that I did not see coming. This is both a crowd-pleaser and a true cinematic achievement, and we can’t wait to see Cooper direct again.

10 Hooves Out Of 10

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