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Avengers: Infinity War – Honest Review

Spoiler Alert

As cliche as this is, if you think you’re ready for this, you’re not. 10 years of movies can’t prepare you for this film. This movie is an EXPERIENCE. We attended the midnight screening of the film which was the perfect way to see it, surrounded by marvel fanatics just as passionate about the film as you are. We were so swept up in the midnight screening, in the excitement of 10 years of characters potentially coming together. A second or maybe even third viewing is needed in order to wrap our heads around it all. From the word go, the films relentless and doesn’t let up. It doesn’t linger on catching people up as the first scene picks up where we left off in Thor Ragnarok which uses the perfect amount of “catch-up”. You could go into this movie not having seen any other Marvel films and still get the gist of what’s going on, but it’s a slightly fast paced story if you’re not up to speed with the MCU.

As we binge watched all previous MCU movies in preparation for Infinity War, it was so exciting to see how they incorporated all these characters, all very different, into one movie. However, this is more of a Thanos movie than a Avengers movie. Josh Brolin’s acting is spot on and had it been titled as a Thanos film, I would’ve enjoyed it more as I would be well prepared knowing that Thanos would have the most screen time. Having being set up for 5 years, he was a solid and truly frightening villain while also being very emotional, making you feel that he’s not such a bad guy. His character was made into an actual piece of the MCU puzzle. He has motivations which make you realise that he’s more insane than evil, there is actual logic to his actions and beliefs. Weirdly, I personally found it refreshing to see a villain win, which further seperated it from other Marvel movies and left everyone watching the film leave in a daze of disbelief. Also, the new characters, the Black Order were amazingly designed and genuinely creepy.

Quiet Steve Rodgers. Despite seemingly having very little coverage in the film, the scenes he was in were successful in showing the sadness behind his eyes, he’s another avenger who has been through a lot, and we’re reminded that when Falcon says they were staying in ‘not exactly 5 star hotels’ they have been on the run for these last couple of years and that will take a toll on anyone. We see the values of captain America when he defies Vision in removing the infinity stone which would therefore be suicide, it reminds us all of the Captain America we are all know. The values of Captain America and the way he does not back down from a bully is shows to us once again when he goes face to face against the biggest bully in the whole universe, Thanos. Seeing Steve Rogers’ response to Groot and the way he talks also added a fun comedic element to such a serious battle.

Now, some criticism of the film. Is it even possible to be thoroughly entertained and excited throughout a movie, yet still find it underwhelming? We found ourselves entirely submerged in the movie at the midnight release as it was something we had been anticipating for a long time. It was seriously amazing to witness the interactions between the previously separate groups (Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy/Dr Strange/Black Panther) and as expected, it was very entertaining. One interaction that we found particularly hilarious was the one between Bucky and Rocket. We know its the biggest MCU movie yet as its something that had been building up for 10 years, however even as a die hard MCU fan, this for us wasn’t the best. It didn’t manage to highlight every member of the team and didn’t show them fighting in unison/building off each others strengths like we were expecting. The scenes between Thanos and Gamora were mesmerising, Gamora’s death was very emotional but others couldn’t fully buy into that emotion, as it was her alone and a lot of people were simply just full of anger at Thanos. It maybe would have been more emotional if she was surrounded by her GOTG family. The ending also lacked little emotion, as the permanency of these disappearances are unclear and its well known that the people would who disappeared are not gone forever. We still thoroughly enjoyed the movie and think those who have no memory or understanding of MCU can still enjoy the humour and the spectacle experience. Some visual effects were good in immersing you, but a few times the CGI threw us off, such as Banner in the Hulk Buster suit, it was poorly done and just plain distracting from the story.

Infinity War is quite an achievement. It isn’t perfect, nor is it the best MCU movie. However it’s extensive marketing campaign managed to successfully create probably one of the biggest films of all time, It changes everything in both the real world and the marvel cinematic universe, and all marvel fans can do now is wait for Avengers 4 in order to get the answers they want.

Plus, where was Hawk-Eye? We want Hawk-Eye.

Hooves rating: 8 out of 10

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