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Deadpool 2 – Honest Review

If you liked the first Deadpool then you’re going to love this one. It’s a massive improvement from the first film, which wasn’t perfect with forced fourth wall breaks, a main focus on it’s origin story and a short end fight with a bad guy who wasn’t at all developed. This movie however was not what we expected, it was straight to the point and kept it’s original, hilarious tone. What we loved the most was it took all the elements that made the first one work and this time around they improved them drastically by adding emotion and a whole lot of heart. The action sequences are fantastic due to director Leitch, who is best known for Atomic Blonde and John Wick he has shown off his distinctive style through goofy violence, dismembering many members of X-Force (including, on multiple occasions, Deadpool himself) as he can. This gorier onscreen violence is about as close as we’ll get to a Tarantino superhero movie.

Boring stuff about our opinions on the characters

As it states in the marketing, this IS a family film and we see this is explored in the most messed up way. The story itself is much more complex with major character development in Wade Wilson as himself, not Deadpool. This was surprisingly very emotional. We also found the new additions to the cast to be much more enjoyable than we’d anticipated. Zazie Beetz as Domino was great at kicking ass and a lot of creativity went into her action scenes. Josh Brolin played Cable, a character who takes a while to fully appear but once he does he works perfectly as a gritty character against Deadpool’s comedic nature. We’re really looking forward to seeing them both in future instalments. Wade Wilsons’ arc of looking to protect Russell from Cable may have worked better for me if Russell wasn’t so much of a shit. Obviously thats justified when we learn what he’s been through, but for me personally I just found the character quite unlikeable.

Keep skim reading!

A lot of the jokes are centered around the MCU and DCU, and it doesn’t hold back the references for mainstream audiences. To understand some of the jokes you will have to have some understanding of marvel films, but this doesn’t mean you wont find the film funny, seriously, there is a joke squeezed into this film every 30 seconds. In particular there’s a scene in which Deadpool is growing tiny legs and it’s so strange but one of the most memorable parts of the film, the entire cinema screen were in stitches at this point. There are also your typical jokes about the Avengers, Thanos, Winter Soldier, Hulk, Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Stranger Things, Frozen and more.

Finally! A conclusion

Of course there were some minor issues such as the choppy cgi, but as it’s Deadpool you can’t tell if this was even intended. The film even points out when there’s lazy writing, as a film that bashes itself constantly its impossible to bash it yourself.

It had a fantastic mid-credit scene that features Wolverine, so be sure to stick around for that. You could argue its one of the best parts of the entire film and it only makes us believe that Reynolds was born to play the role even more than before. Marvel has yet again given us some random cameos, when you see who plays Vanisher you’ll have to double take. Blink and you miss them! There is no post credits scene but a small song which we can only guess hints at the next instalment.

It’s laugh out loud hilarious, exciting and at many times emotional. Deadpool 2 takes everything you might of loved from the first one and doubles it, adding a few things here and there. But at its core, it’s an emotionally packed story about a screwed up mutant trying to find his place in the world.

Hooves rating 8 out of 10

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