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Incredibles 2 – Honest Review

Warning, the Pixar short film, BAO, was totally emotionally destroying and will have you close to tears before Incredibles 2 had even started. Trust me.

Is it better than the original?

The original Incredibles is one of our favourite family animated films so can you imagine the excitement of a 14 year old sequel being released, not to mention the fear of it completely being ruined, as most Pixar sequels, not to mention names (finding Dory) have done. But Incredibles 2 felt like a genuinely necessary extension of the original. It’s funny, there were some good gags with further involvement with Jack-Jack that had us really laughing at certain things, the plot is two-tiered and more interesting on both levels, and the animation, if you thought it was great before, they had 14 years to improve and they really did! The attention to detail is incredible. The way Frozone’s powers were animated was amazing, but the detail is done in a way thats not too distracting to the audience. The James Bondesque soundtrack that was fully amped up from the original. And being a Pixar animation, its truly cinematic and visually extraordinary. The wide shots and one scene in particular where Elastigirl gets caught in Screenslaver’s fake lab, makes you feel that you are looking at a piece of concept art and not a pixar movie. I loved the retro and futurastic setting and colours.

The choreography of the action is brilliant with a strong sense of creativity, especially Elastigirl’s train chase is super sharp. What’s evident is her importance as being the Primary Superhero but the message doesn’t consume the film. Yet you see how dynamic she is, as both a character and a superhero.

A Few Nit Picks

Edna and Jack Jack: an unexpected iconic duo who really added to the comedy in the film. To say that “I wish there had been more…” comes down to me feeling like a lot of potentially great things were touched up on, only to be left under-explored or not explored at all. But maybe that’s because there wasn’t as much Edna as I would have hoped.

The Supervillian was fun, but a definite set back from Sydrome from the first film. The who done it set-up wasn’t played out that well but that flaw doesnt take anything away from the enjoyment and nostalgia you’ll feel when you see this film

Should you see the film you’ve been waiting so long for?

The voice work is of such a high standard, giving a strong personality in each performance. Sure they have changed slightly from the first, but it has been 14 years people, even animated characters age.

It was important to see Elastigirl out there kicking ass—and to have her inspire other characters in the film, no matter the gender or age was fantastic. It was all executed so naturally and subtly rather than shoving the idea in the audiences faces, good on you, Pixar.

You’ll have a lot of fun watching this movie and I highly reccomend it. For me, its one of the best animated films I’ve seen so far in 2018, alongside Wes Andersons Isle Of Dogs. Incredibles 2 isn’t good, it’s SUPER.

Hooves rating: 7 out of 10

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