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True Romance – Honest Review

True Romance is one of my favourite films ever. Written by Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, this Bonnie and Clyde style 1993 (with 80’s aesthetic) film has some amazing moments. The violence which could make Reservoir Dogs look tame, the shots of Detroit vs LA, Elvis Presley being an imaginary mentor to Clarence and Alabama and Clarence’s phone box sex. This is a must see and heres a couple reasons why.

The movie

The title of the film is very tongue in cheek. This is unlike any romantic movie you have ever seen. Clarence (Christian Slater) who loves Elvis Presley, comic books and Kung Fu films, meets and falls for Alabama Wurley, a call girl hired to keep him company on his birthday. Clarence manages to steal cocaine from her pimp (Gary Oldman) and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try everything to get it back. For a while you’ll be thinking “this is just too weird,” but it grows on you as it gets weirder. Like most Tarantino things, its a mess. An intense, well controlled mess. Theres so much going on and more pop culture references than Ready Player One, but it manages to work.

Amazing cast. Shall we count them?

Ensemble casts are always great, especially with the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer and more I probably didn’t even recognise. And with this film you’re never sure who will be killed off or thrown to the curb, despite the big names. Samuel L. Jackson steals the show in the one scene he gets to be in (It’s confirmed. Samuel L Jackson eats ass). And Gary Oldman, after seeing him in this and then watching him play Churchill in Darkest Hour, (both where he is pretty unrecognisable), you realise the guy has no limits in his acting. Despite not having much of a scene to himself, supporting character Floyd, played by Brad Pitt, is an hysterical druggy who is high in every scene. True Romance gave inspiration to another film, Pineapple express, with Floyd being constantly completely oblivious, such as when a gangster pulls a gun causing a slow reaction from Pitt as he mutters, “Woah”.

Should you watch the film yourself?

So, yeah. I love this film to pieces. It feels like it was made for me and my tastes. It might be a bit too messy and weird to be everyones cup of tea, and it’s not a masterpiece but a personal favourite. I’m always recommending this film to friends if they’re ever looking for something different to watch. The script is unsurprisingly flawless, energetic direction and genuine chemistry between Clarence and Alabama who have to be my favourite movie couple. Is it so good that it can be rewatched twice in a week, twice in a year even? Maybe not. Take away the gangstas, the pimps and the violence, and you have your classic against all odds Hollywood romance film that you can pop on when you’re having a night in. Your jaw won’t hit the floor. This is just a tale of a movie geek and a Call Girl who fall in love in a day and happen to find a suitcase full of cocaine. But True Romance, you’re so cool.

Hooves rating: 7 out of 10

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