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Life Itself (2018) – Honest Review

Would YOU enjoy Dan Fogelman’s ‘Life Itself?’

To tell if a film is worth watching we tend to check out its rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With a shockingly low score of 13%, but an audience score of 78%, we knew something was up and needed to see for ourselves. Now, when you see what people are saying about this movie on twitter, you know it’s reception has been all over the place. People are going as far to write that it’s ‘the worst film they’ve ever seen’ yet with no justification as to why. There seems to have been such a debate on this, and with such a low critics score, Director Fogelman has bounced back with:

“A couple of the early reviews that have come out about this movie feel so out of left field to everybody who’s a part of this movie,” Fogelman told TooFab “There’s a disconnect between something that is happening between our primarily white male critics who don’t like anything that has any emotion.”

So, this is our opinion of the film. And I can confidently say, that critics have been way too harsh. And this is why…

I’m not one for cliche. And there’s only a couple of films I have sobbed at. But this is truly unlike any other. I’ve always loved films which string different stories together and eventually become one, (like Love Actually or Dan Fogelman’s Crazy, Stupid, Love.) but this was something else entirely. I’ve used the term ‘Emotional rollercoaster’ way too much. But there’s no other way to put it. Nothing at all was predictable and really threw both me, and Billy off guard. It deceptively takes you on one journey, a journey you think you know so well because you’ve seen it a thousand times over, and then BAM it steers you you in a way you couldn’t even imagine. And trust me, it’s a journey your heart can’t handle. The narrative is playful, yet terribly serious. What a lot of people have misinterpreted and as a result, have criticised is actually just dark humour. This went hand in hand with the dark nature and its outlook on life for the majority of the film, but it all comes together in the end. “Life brings you to your knees. It brings you lower than you ever think you could go. But if you stand up, and go forward you will always find love”. People who critiqued this movie need to experience life first, and then watch it again and actually cry. Cry loud.

The acting was also just swept under the rug. I mean Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Samuel L Jackson, Antonio Banderas and MORE? They MADE this film. Isaac in particular gave a very noteworthy performance and really evokes an emotional reaction from the viewer. Im getting teary just thinking about it.

So, if you see 1 Star for this film. Bollocks.

7 Hooves out of 10

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