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Top 5 Best Films of 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

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I’m a Marvel fanboy, what can I say. Of course Avengers: Infinity War is up there as one of my favourite films of 2018, in-fact it was one of my favourite parts of that year. I was just as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. Never have I been so excited for a film in my life, we even attended one of the midnight screenings as there is no way I could wait any longer to see it than I already did. The film itself was truly astonishing and I have watched it countless times now, I have my criticisms about the film but all in all it was a huge step up for Marvel and as it’s one of the biggest films ever made. It was one hell of an experience. They shocked audience members like never before while making countless memes along the way. It will go down as one of my favourite films ever.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born HD Image

A Star Is Born come out of nowhere for me. Im by no means the most informed person in the world so I was aware a film was being directed by Bradley Cooper, I recognised the name and I knew that Lady Gaga was a part of it. To be honest, I didn’t really care until I watched the trailer and I had a feeling it might just be something special. The word special doesn’t give it justice, It’s a masterpiece of music and emotions. It makes you feel things you haven’t felt before, it gives you goosebumps throughout and it leaves you in pieces by the time the credits roll. There is no way I couldn’t include it in my top films of 2018.

Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse

Spiderverse HD Image

One of the last films to be released in 2018 and it was one of those ‘last but not least moments’ for sure. I LOVE Spider-Man, he’s probably my favourite comic book character so as you can imagine, I was hyped. The thing about this film is that it’s nothing that we have ever seen before. I will forever explain it as a breath of fresh air because that’s what it is. It’s new and exciting. It also explores the multiverse which we’ve never really seen up on the big screen and sets up a universe that will go down in history. Sony really hit the nail in the head while also finding the gold at the end of the rainbow with this movie. Maybe they’ll stop with films like Venom and other silly spinoffs and focus on true art like this film, who knows.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place HD image

Why is this one of the best films of 2018? Well, here’s the long answer: It was a new concept that hasn’t really been explored before. Newly released Horrors like the Conjuring or Insidious films really lack any value to me, they’re all similar and largely rely on stupid jump scares to make it somewhat exciting. A Quiet Place however is entirely different, it focused on the characters and their personal feelings throughout the film, there was a sense of mystery and it was completely unnerving. A HUGE plus is that the film creates an amazing experience in a cinema, with everyone trying to be as quiet as they possibly can as if we were in the world ourselves. It’s a beautiful film with raw emotions and gorgeous cinematography. A horror masterpiece.

Short Answer: John Krasinski.

Isle of Dogs

Isle Of Dogs HD Image

Isle of Dogs for me is like a fond memory. Imagine a summer holiday that you took with your family when you were younger, it’s not something you think about much but when you do you tend to smile, remember how good of a time you had and then carry on with your day carrying the memory close to your heart. Wes Anderson once again created a brilliant film, with a fantastic story. I nearly shed tears at parts and I fell madly in love with all the characters. It’s truly beautiful and easy watching so if you haven’t already; make sure you go see it!

Done and Dusted:

So there we have it, my Top 5 movies of 2018. I obviously have many more favourites, however an article titled ‘My 100 Top Films of 2018’ is not one that people are likely to read. All of us at DHM are very excited to see what 2019 brings for Film and TV and you can count on us to keep you updated, so make sure to stick around and follow all our social medias for the latest news, blogs and reviews.

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    Billy its kirsty here your manager from pizza express. My fabvourite films are angry birds, the simpsons the one with the pig, love actually, the one with tom hardy in, relevant.

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