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4 Reviews in 1 – The Favourite, Vice, Stan and Ollie, The Upside

After seeing Olivia Coleman win Golden Globes for Best Performance by an actress in The Favourite and Christian Bale winning Best Performance by an Actor for Vice, we were excited to see the films with these award winning performances. We were also intrigued about the hype around Stan and Ollie, and with the ‘controversial’ casting choice in The Upside. So we watched all of these films, and here is what we think of them.

The Favourite

This film was okay. Would we see it again? Probably not. Now it was bitingly funny at times and we now know exactly why Olivia Coleman won best actress as her performance is incredibly impressive. But we felt she was more of a supporting Actress with Emma Stone being the lead as the film wholly follows her character arc. The acting off all three strong female leads was very noteworthy with each character constantly changing and being filled with depth. Throughout the film you’re constantly unsure of who to like and who you hate which is what makes it interesting. This is the only interesting thing about the film. After the second chapter (out of many) the conflicts of the story become less intriguing and extremely repetitive and that’s exactly when we started to lose interest. The performances are brilliant and different and so was the production. For us it just got a bit too weird and left us excited to leave the cinema at the end. Personally, its not something we’d recommend to our friends if they were looking for an enjoyable film.


We loved this film. We’re still shook. When watched Vice at a Pre- Screening in Odeon’s Screen Unseen, we heard a couple of sighs and were ready for a boring politics film ahead. If not for Adam Mckays directing style, a boring politics flop is what it should have been. Mckay managed to take the Cheney story and invigorated it with high levels of entertainment with funny editing techniques and a thought provoking story.

Christian Bale balled out as per with his total immersion into Dick Cheney which was magnificent. You utterly forget you’re watching the former BATMAN.

Adam McKay did an excellent job writing and directing this very unnerving story, and it is just as great of a story that needed to be told as his other award nominee, “The Big Short”. We implore everyone to see this as the horrors of what happened during George Bush’s presidency is brought to light in this funny, yet serious way. We didn’t understand when Bale accepted his award why he said his inspiration was ‘satan’ but thats exactly what this movie uncovers. It doesn’t hold back, it fully spills the tea.

The first act of this film is unnecessary but only provides an insight into the life of Dick Cheney. The real beef starts when Cheney meets Bush and from there to the end the film is capable of making your stomach flip. The last scene especially makes you so uncomfortable, but is so brilliant. See this movie. Everyone needs to see this movie.

7 Hooves out of 10.

Stan And Ollie

Did we enjoy it? Not really. For a 90 minute runtime, this film felt like it went on forever. We thought it was really ironic for a film about comedians, starring comedians to not be funny. It’s not that there are no jokes whatsoever, it’s that there simply isn’t enough original material. Most of the best jokes seem to be recreations of the stage productions Laurel and Hardy themselves performed. This film had a lot of problems, but the acting wasn’t one of them. John C.Reilly was fantastic with his resemblance of Hardy almost uncanny and both him and Steve Coogan had great chemistry. The story was wholly what it was suppose to be: a biopic of Laurel and Hardy. Nothing more nothing less, which is what made it extremely dull. The ending was lovely with some beautiful shots of their shadows dancing across the stage board. Would the average person enjoy it? Not for a whole 90 mins.

3 Hooves out of 10.

The Upside

We really enjoyed this light hearted comedy. The controversy of Hart and the Oscars; or Cranston playing this character plays no role in anything here. We’re here to talk about and judge this movie. The acting was great with Cranston powerfully portrayed his character’s emotions and Hart being surprisingly restrained in a role that didn’t feel like he was just playing himself as a comedian again. While the story itself is rather predictable, The Upside is still a sweet, feel good movie which the average person absolutely would enjoy.6 Hooves out of 10.

5 Hooves out of 10.

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