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Glass – Like A Comic Book Brought To Life

The Origin Story

Glass and Split HD Image 2019

How Much We Loved This (Without Total Spoilers)

Here’s what can I say. The critics are getting this all wrong. This has to be the best film of 2019 so far (surprising, considering it’s been released so early in the year opposed to in the summer) and possibly one of the best super hero films i’ve seen (with no capes, no cheesy lines just Bruce Willis in a poncho fighting for what’s right). For those who saw the first movie; Unbreakable, have waited 19 years to see a comic book style old fashioned standoff which is what we get, but with a sense of unease throughout, we know something is going to go horribly wrong. Having watching unbreakable 2 hours before seeing this and Split the day before this we felt this film was such an emotionally satisfying end to a brilliant trilogy, feeling genuinely invested in all 3 characters (plus Kevin Wendall Crumb’s additional 20 something personalities).

Like A Real Life Comic

Glass HD Image 2019

The whole film had incredible shots, with a colourful comic book like universe which gave it such a unique look. I especially loved the use of purple to remind us this is Elijah’s (Mr Glass) film, as we initially saw in Unbreakable. Also, the whole idea of manipulating superheroes is something original and brilliant.


Glass HD Image 2019

James McAvoy is stupid good in this film. If you’ve seen Split you notice how frantic and frequent his character shifts are. Samuel L Jackson was equally as fantastic and at times made you sympathise with his character and fear him at the same time, don’t ask me how. It was so cool to see all the original characters (even the son from Unbreakable) back in these roles and doing such a brilliant job as well.

Should You See It?

Glass HD Image

Billy would give this film 8 Hooves out of 10 but just so you know, I would give it 9. I already can’t wait to see this film again and want more from the universe. Despite loving the MCU, this was just so refreshing to have this movie this year in a cycle of repeated Marvel and DC movies. The build up of the film was so worth it for the ending that I could not have predicted and it tied in seamlessly with the thematic side of the narrative. I know a lot of my friends saw and loved Split, so I will 100% be recommending this to them. We suggest watching Unbreakable and Split beforehand, as it’s so nice to see the changes in the characters (who are all the same actors from the original films) and for the full experience of the trilogy. They’re all brilliant films too! So what are you waiting for?!

8 Hooves out of 10

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