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Most Anticipated Games Of 2019.

2019 is shaping to be a brilliant year for games. Many brilliant titles are in the works with many being released this year. Here are just a small handful of some of the most anticipated games coming in the year of 2019. Let’s get started.

Days Gone

‘Step into the dirt flecked shoes of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to find a reason to live in a land surrounded by death. Scavenge through abandoned settlements for equipment to craft valuable items and weapons, or take your chances with other survivors trying to eke out a living through fair trade… or more violent means.’

What’s the game about?

Days Gone is being developed by SIE Bend Studio. It’s basically an open world zombie survival game with what seems to be an emotionally compelling story following Deacon St John searching for hope and humanity in a world full of death and fear. A large part of the game is your ability to explore a wide variety of environments all on the back of your motorcycle. There are weather and day/night cycles with added random encounters and events all as you travel through the post apocalyptic world. You’re also able to craft weapons and traps to take out rival gangs and ‘freakers’. Sounds good, right?

What do we think?

An open world zombie based game with a story of survival and hope is the exact thing that people have wanted to see for many years. A GTA/RDR like game which is set in a zombie-ridden world always felt like a mere dream, Days Gone could be that reality, like a gift from the gods. However, the game first has a lot to try and get right. It needs to be able to let the player connect with the protagonist emotionally and let the story be something which is investible. Days Gone then needs to also get the open world part right, the graphics don’t even need to be as impressive as a Rockstar game. If they get the random encounters, events right and make interesting landscapes and environments to explore, then this game will be a winner.

Release Date: 26th March 2019 (PS4 exclusive)

Last Of Us 2

‘In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie is now 19 and has found a semblance of peace and normality living in Jackson. She’s had a chance to be a teenager and forge lasting relationships. When that peace is disrupted by a violent act, Ellie is thrust into a brutal journey of retribution, fueled by a need to bring those that have wronged her to justice, pushing her to her very limits.’

Whats the game about?

The Last Of Us 2 is the sequel to the original Last Of Us Game developed by Naughty Dog. It’s a game which is set in a post-apocalyptic world and entirely relies on the story element. The original game was a huge success, it’s gone down as one of the best games to ever be released and a sequel has been in the works for a long time now. The sequel still focuses on the characters of Ellie and Joel, how much it focuses on Joel we are not too sure.

What do we think?

As most can tell, there’s very little information about this game, we got a trailer at E3 2018 and also some glimpses at gameplay at other points in time. What we can say about this game is we doubt very much that it will let us down. Naughty Dog are brilliant developers and they never fail to create stories that get you emotionally invested with characters you adore with visuals to die for. This game is highly anticipated and will break records. We can’t wait.

Release Date: Still to be confirmed but we believe it will be in late 2019.

Trials Rising

’Trials Rising is a stunning comeback of the acclaimed gameplay with all new features, more competition and fresh visual look. With more tracks than ever before, beginners are in for a smooth ride towards mastery, while the skills and nerves of experienced players will be put to the test in the most advanced challenges. This is Trials at its best’

What’s the game about?

Trials is a 2.5D (yes thats a thing) game developed by RedLynx and UbisoftKiev. It’s the first mainline entry in the trials series since 2014 Trials fusion. If you haven’t already played a Trials game then basically its a whole lot of fun, you ride a variety of bikes through crazy and stunning courses. That is honestly the best way I could describe it, check out the trailer to see what I mean.

What do we think?

Trials games are a tonne of fun and people love them. With the ability to create courses, play with others and much more, the game is in many ways quite limitless. So many people still play and love Trials Fusion from back in 2014. This game will do well and will be loved by many, it’s something to be excited for.

Release date: 29th Feb 2019.

The Sinking City

‘The Sinking City is an action/investigation game set in an open world inspired by the universe of H.P. Lovecraft. In this new type of adventure, you take on the role of Charles W. Reed, an investigator in the 1920s United States. No sooner have you arrived in Oakmont, Massachusetts, than you are led to investigate a mysterious flood inundating the city, in the hopes of shedding light on the darkness that has seized the place and corrupted the minds of the inhabitants – and yours…’

What’s this game about?

The Sinking City is being developed by Frogwares and published by BigBen Interactive. You play as a private investigator names Charles W. Reed, it’s set in the US in the 1920’s. It’s an open-world detective like game where the player gets to decide how they spend their time exploring ‘The Sinking City’. The best way to put it is as an open-world full of mystery, free will and monsters.

What do we think?

This game looks brilliant, it’s moody and mysterious. With both open-world and open-investigation it’s shaping up to be quite the success. The developers are working really hard to make this game the best it can be and its offering players an experience like never before. I really want this game to do well, we can only wait to play it and see for ourselves.

Release date: 21st march 2019

Comment down below what games your excited for and what you think of the games discussed above!

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