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The Mule – Honest Review

Did we enjoy this movie

Honestly? This film was poor and was riddled with lazy writing. Marketed as a thriller in the incredibly appealing trailer, we were quite excited for this. With the likes of American Sniper and Million Dollar Baby, this film seemed a perfect match of the dramatic style and material Clint Eastwood is well known for. There was nothing thrilling about this whatsoever. The most excitement we get in this film is Eastwood pretty much flexing on the entire audience and two threesomes starring Eastwood…directed by Eastwood.

The Story

Earl Stone lost his family by choosing work over them. Alone without money, he takes up a job where he needs to drive, just with a valuable package of drugs in the back of his car. He becomes a 90 year old ‘Mule’ who is out of his time. Perplexed by technology and prone to racism. The racism is meant to be inadvertent but I believe it was too much and just plain bad writing. There was also just a bit too much nagging about technology and young people that the whole film did actually just feel like a lecture. One comment about it would’ve been okay but we didn’t need a scene where Clint Looking at a computer, says “INTERNET” and walks away. Everything was just so dull. The so called *emotional* scenes actually made us laugh. They kept trying to let the audience know that his wife and daughter were mad at him and it was so unrealistic and patronising.

The performances

These were just as terrible. The granddaughter had some really bad acting spots and so over the top. Imagine lines like “shut the heck up Stacey” but from paid professional actors. Yikes. It felt like Bradley Cooper was a cameo, there for Eastwood’s final feature because the whole thing felt like it could’ve been autobiographical. He cast his own daughter as on screen daughter and has made it about man who is sorry about being away on the road, which could link to him away shooting films. But thats probably me diving in to deep and trying to find a reason for why this film was so lifeless.

Will you enjoy the film

The ending to this film is just so underwhelming that I honestly think anyone would have been angry that they sat through it. It’s just lazy. He delivers drugs. Theres nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat, barely any conflicts. Would I recommend you watch this in the cinema?No. Maybe you might like this film yourself, Pete Davidson on SNL raved about this movie (which I honestly can’t believe) so maybe you’d like it too. If you have seen this film feel free to comment what you thought of it! Please call me out, let me see this film in a different way cos I really can’t think of any positives. This is the first film where I really haven’t had anything good to say, you can find other Honest Reviews here.

3 Hooves out of 10

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