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Green Book – Honest Review

February is here and with it comes plenty of new movies hitting theatres soon, but if you’re looking for a movie to watch now, then look no further.

Did Dead Horse Enjoy It?

After our disappointing viewing of Clint Eastwoods: The Mule, It was a refreshing relief to finally get to see Peter Farrelly’s Green Book. As soon as it ended we just looked at each other like, wow. This was such a delightful, beautiful film with a lot of heart which definitely connected with us emotionally. Making this film a really satisfying cinematic experience. When we first saw this advertised it seemed like it was just going to be a ‘feel good film’ and a good old road trip. To say it was a ‘feel good’ wouldn’t in the slightest do it justice. This will entertain AND educate you.

The Story

Set in the American South during the 60’s (which came with an incredible 60s aesthetic). The story follows an Italian-American bouncer who takes the job of driving an African-American pianist on a musical tour through the Deep South. The title ‘Green Book’ was the name of the travel guide that highlighted safe travel through the country’s racial segregation areas. The TRUE story is one that is important to be told and retold, and the events that unfold are done in a light-hearted way whilst never letting the sad, honest truth die away.


As far as Mahershala Ali, oh my goodness. That man is literally one of the greatest actors of our time. He owned every scene and I feel he plays a huge part in the success of this film. Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali were both charismatic with heartfelt banter. Although they both delivered two very different yet empathetic performances which was genuinely enjoyable to watch.

Will you enjoy? 

This film was filled with so many comedic and heartfelt moments and yet it still made room for those intense and powerful scenes we we will hold dearly in our hearts. Theres been some controversies with the film, with the story not actually being entirely accurate, but our rule of thumb is sometimes the real story doesn’t necessarily make the most cinematic one, so filmmakers don’t usually tend to stick the facts, which is unfortunate, but often important in creating a great film.

All in all if you enjoy emotional performances, heartfelt true stories and eventful road trips we would highly recommend going to see this film, it’s worth every penny. Let us know what you thought of Green Book in the comments below, feel free to disagree but you will be blocked. (Just joking, or are we…)

8 Hooves out of 10

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