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Avengers End Game: What we know from the Official Trailer and TV Spot.

Marvels Avengers: End Game is coming to theatres April 26th 2019. So far we have had an official trailer and a single TV Spot. Both have been very restricted in what they’ve shown us about the upcoming Marvel movie and we doubt we’ll get to see too much more. So right here we’re going to go quickly go through some key points from the trailers, look at set pictures and even discuss theories in order to get a better understanding of what may happen in Avengers 4. Remember to comment down below your End Game theories at the bottom of this article.

Tony and Nebula are stuck in space:

  • Following the events on Titan, Tony and Nebula are the only ones left standing. They’re stuck on the Guardians ship ‘The Benatar’ with no chance of rescue and a bleak future in store for them.
  • Tony will obviously make it out alive but how? Well Pepper Potts we know is due to have her rescue armour after leaks of set images and art. So pepper could be the one to save them. However, the most likely thing to happen is what we saw in the latest TV Spot, Tony and Nebula will get their heads together and rebuild the ship or even Tony’s armour.
  • After all, Endgame is the film that will come full circle since the events of Iron Man booted up the Cinematic Universe so it will be iconic for Tony to go through a similar experience like in the first Iron Man Movie and fix his armour with only scraps. How amazing would that be, if they used the original music from that scene in Iron Man, that would be perfect.

Time Travel/Multi-dimensions will most likely be involved:

  • In Ant-Man and the wasp, Scott was warned that when going into the quantum realm there’s the risk of falling into a time vortex. Scott did indeed end up getting stuck in the quantum realm. And this scene is our biggest hint at time travel.
  • In the trailer, we see Scott Lang outside the doors of The Avengers Facility, so we know he’s escaped the quantum realm, but how? Well it’s very much likely that the whole storyline of Endgame will revolve around time travel and different dimensions. So Scott and Tony or whoever could use the Quantum Realm to travel in time and fix things, maybe collect Infinity Stones to prevent Thanos collecting them in the future?
  • PLUS we already have leaked set pictures which show an older looking Tony Stark with a younger Captain America right at the battle of New York, with characters like Bruce Banner and Ant Man also. Oh and they’re wearing little things on there hands which could be linked to the time travel, juicy stuff.

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Captain America with his shield again:

The TV spot shows us a clip of Captain America tightening his shield while shaking and looking pretty worn out, this confirms that Steve Rogers will have his shield once more after losing it in Civil War.

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Rocket on a mission:

In the TV Spot we see Rocket is on earth, he has his original comic book suit on and it’s looking like he could be on his own mission. He may be going to see Thor and another theory was originally that he was going to go and save Tony and Nebula

Hawkeye is Ronin:

Our buddy Hawkeye is back and better than ever, and about time! The most likely storyline for this character is that he lost his family due to Thanos’ snap, so therefore has taken on the identity of Ronin who is much more deadly than Hawkeye. Ronin is probably on a separate mission in what looks like Tokyo until Natasha finds him.

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New York is in a mess after The Decimation:

One interesting tiny detail we picked from the TV Spot is the fact that New York seems to be in chaos after Thanos’ snap. Cars are piled up, abandoned and all over the place and everything looks pretty depressing. Half of all living things disappeared after all, cut them some slack.

So there we have it, some of the things we picked out from the recent Avengers: End Game trailers. It’s important to remember that time travel is most likely to have a big part to play in Avengers: End Game.

Any trailers or TV Spots we see are also going to be very deceiving with things edited in and out of the original movie, it’s going to be very difficult to get a good grasp of what the plot may be. If you’re thinking of getting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and want to know which order to watch them, read our article here: How to watch the MCU in Chronological Order.

Please share your theories of what may happen in End Game below in the comments, it would be really cool to see what you guys think.

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