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Alita: Battle Angel – Honest Review

Did Dead Horse Enjoy It?

First of all. James Cameron. Second of all… I’ve personally been so excited to see this big film release ever since we had a first look back in 2017. After seeing reviews and comments involving the word ‘flop’ and even expressing our own concerns in our recent February Films Article, Dead Horse Media is happy to say that Alita: Battle Angel lives up to the hype. When I had a first look at Alita, yes, I really did question those huge eyes. But I’ve come to realise that this was necessary as the bigger eyes express even more emotion, allowing us to form a bond with the character, which was exactly what it achieved.

The Story

The film will leave you wanting more despite it’s 2h 22m run time. We were completely satisfied with what we saw, but were expecting to sit through another hour, which we would have been happy to do. Jammed pack full of sub plots leading to a bigger plot, there’s no way you could possibly get bored. Saying this, there was nothing in the story that wasn’t necessary to the story, which is what I had anticipated might happen given such a long run time. Everything happening added to building the story, from Alita’s relationship with Hugo to flashbacks of her past.

The Acting

Alita doesn’t just look real, she is made to feel real and likeable. This is all down to incredible acting by Rosa Salazar and absolutely insane VFX. The entire cast all give noteworthy performances but Rosa does overshadow them. Christoph Waltz is fantastic as always! Mahershala Ali sadly doesn’t have as much involvement as I would’ve hoped. Newcomer Keean Johnson gave the weakest performance with being a little flat at parts, but far from terrible with both him and Alita portraying realistic chemistry.

The Visuals

The visuals were so realistic and so well done, not to mention incredibly colourful and bold. It kept you deeply immersed in the universe throughout. The CGI truly made you believe in the characters and were at no point out of place or odd that it would take you out of the experience you were so invested in. As expected with the brilliant James Cameron being behind it.

Will You Enjoy It?

Would you enjoy an incredibly crafted film with outstanding action, great characters and game changing CGI? If yes, you WILL enjoy this. Like recommended, seeing this on the big screen and in 3D really is a must to get the best out of this movie. Some people will love it, and some people won’t love it (as much). All in all, a Sci-Fi action film with a lot of heart. Go see this.

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7 Hooves Out Of 10

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