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The Walking Dead – What to Expect According to the Comic Books


Where we left off:

AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of the most anticipated TV Series to ever exist. Season 9 continues this February and the most recent episode included the haunting introduction of The Whisperers, a group of feral survivors who act and use the faces of zombies to blend in. The most we have seen of them so far is kill Jesus while whispering ‘You do not belong here’ (Video below) Creepy right? Well things only get crazier from here.

Before we get started:

What’s important to remember about the comics and the TV Show is that they can sometimes be very different. In the comics, Rick and Carl are still alive and the community’s are at peace, preparing a festival where all the communities can come together and celebrate. The TV Show is almost like the ways thing should not have gone, there’s no Rick, no Carl and the communities are split up for reasons still yet unknown. So there’s quite a large difference between the show and comics at the moment. However the TV Show usually does stick to large storylines like Woodbury and The Governor, The Saviours and Negan and many more. Long story short: The comics are a good indicator as to what may come. Enough rambling, let’s get into what to expect going forward, according to the comic books.

Lydia and The Whisperers:

After the first attack by The Whisperers just like in the TV Show, a whisperer begs to not be killed by Jesus. She gets taken as prisoner by Hilltop and turns out to be a 16 year old girl going by the name of Lydia. She briefly explains what The Whisperers are and Carl ends up befriending Lydia. She tells him more about the group and what they do and a relationship between the two blossoms. It turns out however that Lydia’s mum is Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers.

For obvious reasons Alpha wants her daughter back and turns up at Hilltop wanting her daughter back. Lydia doesn’t want to go back to the group and their odd ways but has no choice. There’s glimpses of these moments in the latest trailer for the upcoming episodes of the TV Show. We see clips of Alpha approaching Hilltop and Lydia as prisoner. With Carl out of the picture, Daryl potentially could be the one to befriend Lydia and maybe a relationship blossoms between those two, creating an interesting story for the character of Daryl going forward.

Rick and Alpha:

So like mentioned before, Rick is alive and well in the comics and after a certain series of events involving Carl and Lydia he meets Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers. Alpha takes him to the top of a building and shows him a huge yard full of walkers, thousand on thousands of them. She explains how the way The Whisperers live is the right way and Rick along with the communities are all playing make believe. Alpha threatens Rick by telling him that if he crosses a border that she has marked then they will release the Horde on the communities and destroy everything. With Rick out of the question it will be interesting to see if the TV Show goes through with this scene, it’s a big part of The Whisperer storyline.

An act of war:

Now here’s probably one of the most memorable and shocking moments in the comics, it will without a doubt happen in the TV Show as it’s such a crucial turning point in the story. So the border which Alpha was talking about, she said Rick will know it when he see’s it. And oh he really does. The Whisperers beheaded a large amount of characters from the comics and placed their heads on posts, all placed in a line indicating the border. Some of these characters include main ones like Rosita and King Eziekel. Crazy right? This scene is bound to happen in the TV Show, it’s been hinted at and will be HUGE.

Negan’s escape:

We know from where the TV Series left off that Negan escapes from his jail cell in Alexandria, but where does he go? Well in the comics, prior to escaping Negan had his cell left open before but still chose to stay to prove loyalty to Rick, he also even gave advice to Rick on how to deal with the Whisperers. Rick obviously still hated him but they’re weren’t enemies as much as they were before. As Rick and the rest of Alexandria geared up for War with the Whisperers a boy named Brandon offered to help Negan escape to warn the Whisperers of Rick’s attack so the two groups would kill everyone, basically Brandon was an asshole and wanted everyone to die, Negan just ended up killing him. So enough about Brandon and more about what happens next.

Negan eventually meets The Whisperers and joins them, however there’s a reason. In a turn of events Negan is alone with an emotional Alpha and ends up cutting her head off, his plan was to bring Rick the leader of The Whisperers head in an attempt to show Rick they’re on the same side.

There’s plenty of iconic scenes to come for the TV Show. The Whisperer War is one of the biggest and most astonishing Storylines in the comics, all because of some of the moments discussed above so it’s almost certain they will happen in the TV Show. As big fans of the comics we can’t wait to see how these moments are adapted on screen.

Comment down below what Comic Book moment your most excited to see come to life in the TV series.

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