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Spider-Man PS4 Sequels and Future Marvel Game Predictions.

There were a lot of big game releases in 2018. Such as Red-Dead Redemption and Gods Of War, both with massive launches and making a lot of money. But the game we’re talking about today is Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Spidey Success:

Put rather bluntly, Spider-Man PS4 was a MASSIVE success. It broke records worldwide, selling 3.3 million copies in just 3 days. It made more money in its launch than the solo film Spider-Man Homecoming. It’s also the fastest selling first-party PS4 game ever AND fastest selling Spider-Man and Marvel branded game in history. Wow.

Not only did it make a tonne of money but it’s loved by players and critics alike. The game is packed with a tight, heartfelt story. A Peter Parker everyone adores and can relate to. Characters like MJ, Aunt May, Miles Morales that you seriously connect with and genuinely care for. Then by the time the game has finished and the credits roll you’ve most probably cried at least once. The best way to describe Spider-Man PS4 is like you are inside a perfect Spider-Man movie.

The games mechanics are brilliant, which is no surprise as Insomniac Games are the ones behind them, using a similar movement system as the one seen in their Xbox exclusive: Sunset Overdrive. Spider-Man PS4 is so smooth, the movements are natural and it all just works in a perfect harmony. (You really could spend hours just swinging around New York City). Now we could go on about how well the game works for a long time, instead let’s talk about potential sequels.

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Spider-Man PS4 has been called the “Iron-Man of Marvel video games” and that it’s the beginning of a new era for Marvel console games. In basic terms, Spider-Man is looking like it’s going to be similar in the way that 2008’s Iron Man booted up the heavily popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it’s pretty obvious that more Spider-Man games are on the way.

Spider-Man PS4 and the DLC’s that followed already set us up for a sequel. We have Miles Morales training to be Spider-Man. Norman Osborn getting closer to becoming the notorious Green Goblin. Harry Osborn seems to be paired with the Venom Symbiote. Even Taskmaster mysteriously appeared, hinting at recruiting Peter Parker for some sort of secret team.

There’s plenty more in store for Peter Parker’s story as Spider-Man but also the potential for other games. The possibility of a Miles Morales based game is not far fetched at all. Miles is an increasingly popular character, especially after the success of 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse. We could even Maybe get a Spider-Gwen game one day? Simply put, the possibilities for future Spider-Man instalments are endless.

Spidey Separate games:

It’s not just Spider-Man games that could be on the way but other popular Marvel characters could also get their own chance to shine in the gaming world. Probably the most-likely potential character to get their own game is Iron-Man. It could run similar to Spider-Man PS4 in the way of an open-world setting with fluid movements and the added process of upgrading your suit/gear as the game goes on. If Marvel could somehow pull it off, that game would no doubt be HUGE.

ore popular ideas for future games could be Daredevil or even a Thor game. God’s of War (GOW) show many similarities to the story and character of Marvel’s Thor and GOW ended up being an extremely popular game. So while it’s a long shot for an Iron-Man or Thor game to be released it’s definitely not impossible. Marvel made a lot of money from Spider-Man PS4 and view it as just the beginning of Marvel games, therefore don’t be surprised if we get any announcements in the years to come.

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At the moment we don’t have any solid evidence that any other games are in the works but we know they’re on the way. While we wait to find out, check out some of 2019’s most anticipated games. There’s bound to be something to distract you until we get any more Marvel Games news. Oh and if you want to keep up with news on all things games and more then why not give us a follow on our Instagram and Twitter: @DeadHorseMedia where you can count on us to keep you up to date with any breaking news.

Let us know what future Marvel Games you would like to see released in the comments down below! We’ll be waiting…

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