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‘The Loft’ Cinema Hereford – Independent Theatre

What is a Loft?

If you want to avoid the big multiplex movie theatres and have a more thoughtful, personal experience then you’ll find this at Hereford’s newest independent cinema: The Loft. They offer all ranges of movies from new releases to black and white classics. Made both locally, nationally and worldwide. As we’re always watching and reviewing films, we practically live in our local Odeon, however we’ve always craved a more personal experience that simply isn’t available at mainstream chains. And then The Loft was born.

Our Experience:

We visited The Loft on Valentines week, where all week they were screening all kinds of Rom-com classics from Dirty Dancing to True Romance. We chose to watch True Romance (you can check out our review here) and had the choice of either a bottle of Wine or a non-alcoholic alternative. When we arrived, we got the sense of how unique it all was. We were greeted by many welcoming faces, both behind the bar and by fellow movie goers all chatting and having a drink. We ourselves relaxed in the comfortable and atmospheric bar beforehand. Just before being shown to our seats, we had the opportunity to get popcorn and snacks.

We were escorted by a very enthusiastic staff member and shown behind a red curtain (which created so much excitement), where there were rows and rows of leather sofas, two seaters and three. The sofas were an added level of luxury, extremely comfortable (not to mention immaculately clean) and the fact that they reclined really made you feel like you were at home. Each sofa even has a table for your drinks and snacks to sit. The staff here can also not do enough for you, constantly smiling and making jokes – obviously film fans too. 

Now everyone feels peckish during a movie and The Loft knows this. So there are INTERVALS. Yes intervals for food, toilet breaks, more popcorn or just to stretch your legs. All hot food is supplied by Hereford’s own local restaurants and luckily, A Rule Of Tum is right around the corner so we had our pick of Burgers, chicken wings, fries and Vegan options too! Having food and drinks brought to us in the cinema while we languished in our big comfy seats was honestly so fun. The movie is more enjoyable when you can sit back, sip on your drink and snack to your hearts content. It was such a cosy and intimate feeling as we watched a popular classic that you can’t usually see on the big screen. 

We loved The Loft and feel very lucky to have this amazing independent theatre in Hereford. It’s a classy, comfortable way to see your movies. It has the charm of somewhere that’s been in Hereford forever and welcomes all ages and all types of Film. Going out for a movie will be a real night out now and were not sure a normal cinema will be the same again. With an unparalleled comfort, it’s just like being at home but with that special ‘date night’ feeling. However, it’s not just a place for adults, kids are welcome too. With special daytime screenings of popular family films for ‘Little Lofties’. So if you want a personalised, unique theatre experience, The Loft cinema is the place to go.

If we could give The Loft Cinema a Hooves Rating out of 10, it would without a doubt be the full 10 hooves.

You can book tickets and find out more on their website:

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