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Wild Rose – Honest Review

Did Dead Horse Enjoy It?

Well, this was one of my favourite Odeon Screen Unseens yet. With it’s gritty social realism (almost as if it was directed by Ken Loach) and it’s fairytale A Star is Born narrative, this is an emotional storm. Yes we enjoyed it.

The Story

This was a story that all of us can relate to in some capacity. There’s real emotional potency in stories about not realising how much you love your home until you leave, the disconnect from somewhere you’ve lived for so long is almost universal. At the centre focus of the film is the relationship between Rose and her family, her relationship with Glasgow and the difficulties of balancing these things with the pursuit of a dream. It didn’t focus too much on the circumstances that landed Rose in jail which I actually liked.


Jessie Buckley plays the lead, a single mum, just released from prison trying to become a country and western singer (no…just country). Jessie brings a real warmth to this movie and somehow manages to make you empathise with her despite the many character flaws. Her acting really shows how her character is angry at certain moments in her life, and as she tries to get a better relationship with her kids, it’s clear to see, she doesn’t want them in her life in that moment in time.

Will You Enjoy It?

I over-heard someone say on the way out that this wasn’t the type of the film the would have gone to see, but they were glad that they did. Many people tweeting about Screen Unseen said the same, so if you read this review and think you’ll have very little interest in seeing a film about a foul-mouthed ex-convict country singer with 2 kids trying to make a name for herself, I am 90% sure that you will enjoy this. Everything about it was good, even the music and thats coming from someone who has a high disinterest in the genre.

7 Hooves out of 10

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