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On The Basis Of Sex – Honest Review

Did Dead Horse Enjoy it?

Not that we had very low expectations for On The Basis of Sex, but this was way better than we expected. What we expected was a lacklustre Biopic that was portraying an amazing story but would just be kinda bland. This was indeed an amazing story, but the film was not at all dull. This was an inspiring, beautifully told true story about a struggling Female Attorney; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, trying to pursue her dream in a Male dominated world. Ginsberg is such an inspirational, strong willed character who fought for years for gender equality, which made an everlasting impact on our society today. This inspirational story, paired with an amazing female lead, smart dialogue, brilliant Production and Costume Design that helped recapture the feel and look of the 50s, really made for a beautiful film.

The Acting

Not only did Felicity Jones knock her performance out of the park with her passionate portrayal of such an incredible woman in such a powerful way, but both her and Armie Hammer (Martin Ginsberg) had heartwarming chemistry and respect for the real life people they were playing which was what really made this film great. In terms of the supporting roles, Cailee Spaeny who plays Ruth’s daughter does a great job portraying frustration and butting heads with her mother, but not in an annoying ‘shut up, mom’ bratty way. She herself delivered empowering performances in 2 small yet expressive scenes.

Should You See It?

This is a wonderful and entertaining watch and it was a real joy watching Feliciy Jones deliver such a passionate, fiery performance. In my opinion this would not of let the real Ruth Bader Ginsburg down, I learnt she was a truly extraordinary woman and this was a beautiful film telling her story. The very ending will fill you with so much joy and empowerment. Is this just a film for Women you ask? No. Not only does it empower women, but it empowers everyone to ‘follow your dreams’. If you see this movie you, leave the cinema feeling oh so empowered. We highly recommend you watch this.

6 Hooves Out Of 10

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