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Captain Marvel – Honest Review

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Captain Marvel is the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the 9th in Phase 3. And this is an Origin Story. You’re limited with what you can do with an origin story and people simply aren’t keen on them anymore but Captain Marvel made it feel not too much like her origin and instead a more complex and engaging plot, teaching us more about the universe in which the MCU is set in.

I was super excited for Captain Marvel, especially for Brie Larson who I fell in love with in Room. Despite a lot of people being unhappy about her casting, I think she is a wonderful actress and that was one of the main reasons I was so excited for it. This was the first female-centric film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel, to me, was far from the best Marvel movie and some parts are very forgettable but it beat my expectations and was as an extremely satisfying introduction to a character who is genuinely likeable. To think this is just the beginning of even more character driven female-centric films already makes it fundamental. When focusing on the characters, I realised Carol Danvers is one of the most fascinating characters and the most human since Guardians of the Galaxy and this is very important. We see another side of Fury (shout out to the de-ageing on Samuel L. Jackson that made Fury look practically 20 years younger which was insane) andI felt this story was really a powerful addition.

The (Origin) Story

What was most important about Captain Marvel for me was that it wasn’t focused on making a point that this was their first female focused movie. I was happy that the subtle direction of the movie was her accepting her emotions as to what makes her strong and being able to have power and emotion. For a marvel film to give a message like this is admirable. The only negative I would give to the story is it lacks style and creativity like Thor: Ragnarok, which is why it doesn’t particularly stand out among other comic book movies.


Brie Larson in particular brings out the absolute best of Carol Danvers, due to the charisma and humanity she brings to the role. Not only does Larson manage to balance being impassive yet ‘smart assy’ and witty (in which show more and more as she starts to remember herself and her past). What really made Larson’s performance was that it was just so natural There was no forced “I’m a strong independent woman’ she just WAS a strong woman. Does that make sense?


There’s many things that could be improved and things that could have been changed or expanded on with the character of Carol Danvers seeming slightly bland at times. However, the movie has given a good base to work, shape and progress the character further from one we simply like, to one we’ll eventually adore. Remember, this is Captain Marvel’s first ever movie, they chose to stick to an interesting an action-packed storyline to keep the movie engaging, rather than being more character focused (which is fine) but there’s so much more for her character. I know for a fact that the more we see her in the MCU and the more we learn about her character, the more we’ll fall in love with her.

Samuel L. Jackson and Brie have a snappy, buddy-film quality, while Goose (the cat) and Nick Fury’s relationship was one of the major highlights from the entire movie. Getting to see a young, humorous Nick Fury having fun was refreshing and filled our hearts with joy.

Will You Enjoy?

This was not a Marvel ‘filler film’. If you’re passionate about the MCU, then this to you will be a satisfying set up film, in terms of finishing off preparing the last pieces of the puzzle leading up to Endgame. If you’re not particularly a die hard fan of the MCU and just want an entertaining film with an independent women kicking ass, this film will give you what you want nonetheless.

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7 Hooves out of 10

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