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Netflix: Sex Education – Honest Review

Did Dead Horse Enjoy it?

So many people were telling us to watch Sex Education on Netflix and not because it’s addictive and hilarious, but because it’s so different. Did we plan to check it out and binge watch the entire season in less than a week? Nope. But are these things ever planned? This was indeed a series like no other seen before but there are some familiarities. It’s very much like an ‘American teen movie’ with it’s house parties and a big school dance (very 10 things I hate about you and Breakfast club-y), but the eight episode season lets us get to know it’s characters like no other teen flick or series does and by episode 3 you are in with these characters, you learn so much about them along the way and find out why they are the way they are. Young or old, in some way or another, everyone will relate to this show. Sex Education isn’t just about sex, it’s about learning to love yourself, live life as best as possible with the choices in front of us and being sex positive. Aged 20, we learnt so much from this show.


You really get to explore each and every characters relationships during the eight episodes. This show is deeper than its raunchy sex scenes. You really dive into the characters heads and by the end you love these characters like you have know them most of your life. We didn’t anticipate this when we started watching as not a lot of shows manage to make you actually feel something and leave you rooting for the characters. Yes, the characters consist of your typical nerds, jocks, cool girls, bullies and outcasts but as the series goes on and you get to know them, they all become sweet and likeable and eventually we really feel for all of them. Even the ‘bullies’. Sex Education has a really smart script and manages to convey both fictional movie life and real life. An example of this is with Eric who is Otis’ best friend. He could have had the stereotypical comedic best friend/sidekick trope but instead his character was given his own layers, his own back ground story and made him feel real.


Throughout the entire series you’re treated to shots of stunning English woods and hills. In fact, Sex Education was shot very close to home for us in the very picturesque Wye Valley. The unique mash up of the cool American lifestyle with a British setting/80’s vibe created a world that you genuinely want to live in and that is so pleasing to watch. Most British series such as E4s ‘Skins’ or ‘Waterloo Road’ never have any warm colours and is always portrayed as a bleak experience. Sex Education colours are more positive and bright and even though the characters are going through trepidation, there is some hope.

The series is portraying sex positivity, body positivity and sexual orientation positivity and the style and overall feel of the whole series really reinforces this.Should You Binge It? Whether you are looking to binge a series where you can really connect with the characters, or just a good funny series, Sex Education is the right choice for you. When we finished the final episode of this series we were left with the feeling of wanting more. It gave us some very strong and well developed characters who went through actual problems and evolved in each episode as the season went on.

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