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DC Titans- Honest Review

Did We Enjoy It?

Surprisingly, I enjoyed DC Titans as a whole. I’m not a follower of the Titan comics or any DC comics for that matter, so a lot of people who do read the comics may strongly disagree with me. Overall though, it was a heart-racing story with interesting characters and a lot of action, it kept me engaged throughout.

The Characters:

When it comes to the characters it seems like DC Titan’s failed to do what it set out to do, instead of being invested in the stories of the main characters we ended up being swept away by the characters that were actually separate from the Titans. The Doom Patrol episode was our favourite episode in the entire show and got us more excited to watch their solo series than we were to continue Titans. Side characters like Hawk and Dove ended up having more interesting story lines and development than characters like Robin and Raven did. Leaving the ACTUAL Titans very much under developed, eleven episodes went by and I didn’t feel as connected and invested in the Titans as I should of. Throughout the series, there’s constantly different characters driving from one city to another and learning some facts about the characters past, but they don’t do anything with these facts.

Dick Grayson is loveable but when it comes down to it, his angsty, aggressive and overly violent nature is just a bit too much. I get that it’s his character flaw but it really felt like it was overplayed. Things just feel off with the characters and things fail to add up. Starfire (Kory) is a treasure despite my initial doubts for her character, even though her background and storyline is dull and confusing. Beast Boy (Gar) is great but his role in the Titans pretty much just feels like he was there so we could be introduced to the Doom Patrol. Raven (Rachel) was personally my least favourite thing about the show. Rachel’s origin story wasn’t great and the demonic version of herself that she would see in reflections was just plain cringe and the special effects were rather terrible, despite this being a big budget TV show. Overall the side/less important characters I enjoyed the most and all the characters are fairly likeable, the biggest let down was the main Titans and the complete lack of personal development over the course of a big eleven, hour long episodes. There is still some hope that season two will show us more development for the characters and their relationships.

The Story:

The story is interesting and it kept us watching throughout, but it lost itself towards the end. The trailers and teasers hinted at a big team up of these characters, coming together to fight a common enemy, This hardly happened. The characters had maybe one moment where this began to shine, the rest was the characters splitting up and running away from each other. Maybe the second series will give us a more unified team but in terms of the first series, it didn’t leave us satisfied. However, there are some brilliant fight scenes, interesting characters and it’s a world that we loved to immerse ourselves in.

The tone of the series is pretty dark. With recent releases like Aquaman and Shazam it seems DC may be trying to reinvent themselves, but with the new DC flagship show it hardly reinvents itself at all. The atmosphere is just cold and depressing, which is something they tried with Batman v Superman and other DC films which to no surprise: failed. The colours are mainly just blue, and thats about it. The Titans are some of the most colourful characters in the DC Universe but this show fails to show that. There are some lighthearted moments but they’re completely overshadowed by the dark tones that surrounds the rest of the series.

Will You Enjoy It?

Titans had fun elements and was genuinely an enjoyable watch. We just had a few problems with the tone of the series and the lack of character development with the Titan members. Despite all this, we will be watching the second season and do recommend watching the first season as its a fun watch. If you want ideas for some binge worthy series, check out our honest Hooves Reviews Page. If you’ve seen Titans, let us know what you thought of the first season in the comments down below!

5 Hooves Out Of 10

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