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DC’s Doom Patrol Review – Why Characters Matter

Did We Enjoy:

This is exactly what to expect from a DC TV Series, it tops DC’s Titans in countless ways. Everything about this show you can love, from a very strange plot which you’re invested in from the get go, to amazing characters full of flaws. Even the cinematography, colours, set designs and costumes are gorgeous. All in all the show is one big ball of colourful, passionate, humorous fun with a huge added amount of brilliance. Just like our Netflix: Umbrella Academy Review, this is a series that’s not afraid to be weird and invests it’s main purpose into developing it’s characters and their relationships with each other. A formula that if done correctly, will always work.

The Story:

Just incase you have no idea what the Doom Patrol is, here’s the shows synopsis: ‘Doom Patrol is a team of traumatised and downtrodden superheroes, each of whom has suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities but also left them scarred and disfigured. The members of the team have found their purpose through The Chief and have come together to investigate some of the world’s weirdest phenomena’. Now that synopsis alone is enough to make me interested, it sounds brilliant and the show itself does not disappoint. The story overall is very strange and extremely random so don’t go in to this thinking you’re watching a serious DC comic based TV show like Titans because this is very much not that. Each episode is packed full of action which will keep you interested throughout. The fourth wall gets broken multiple times and while a lot of people hate that sort of thing, this is done for a reason and it kind of works in making the show even more enjoyable. The things that happen are so odd and while you could be snobby and hate how stupid it is, if you just appreciate it for what it is then it’s impossible not to love the show.

The cinematography in this show is beautiful. Every shot is stunning in the way it uses bright and cheerful colours in some scenes and then darker tones in others, it really helps the emotion spill through the screen and leave you watching in awe. Characters like Robotman and Cyborg aren’t entirely CGI so there’s a lot of pressure on the design of their costumes and makeup to make them believable and it just looks brilliant. They both look like they could genuinely be real life robots, there’s no moment where you lose immersion because you notice a part of them looks odd, it all just works so well. If you hear or see anyone compare this show to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, they are entirely spot on, it really does feel like you’re watching a GOTG TV Series and that’s an amazing feeling.

The Characters:

This show is the characters, every episode is about them. Ok we’re thrown these crazy plots with an albino donkey with farting messages and a hole in the ground eating up an entire town but everything boils down to the characters; how they feel, their relationships and how they deal with whats happening around them. I enjoyed Umbrella Academy for this very reason but Doom Patrol takes a character based story and multiplies it by one hundred. Five episodes in and I already love these characters, I feel for them, I understand them and I want to give them all a cuddle and tell them everything will be ok. This is what Titans set out to do but failed dramatically.

The very first episode gives each character plenty of time for their story to be told without rushing it too much, we learn who the characters were and the lives they lived before they got their powers. Each character made mistakes, did bad things and have now paid the price. They have lost their families and the lives they had before and are left with the family they didn’t want: each other. It’s so satisfying seeing these characters in a room together or dealing with a problem together because it’s so obvious none of them want to be there but they have no choice, and through this we see their relationships grow and develop and it’s honestly genius. The show is full of so much character development, after one episode you will find yourself already emotionally connected to each character.

Will You Enjoy:

If you want to watch something a little more light-hearted compared to your average drama, if you want to have some fun and fall in love with characters that will stay in your heart for a lifetime and finally: If you want to watch a show oozing with passion, colour and love, then DC’s Doom Patrol is the show for you. We couldn’t recommend it enough. At the time of writing this the show has only released five episodes so far so it’s not too late to start watching, if you like a good binge then wait a little longer and you can watch the entire series once every episode has been released. Oh and if the show happens to completely dive after these first five episodes I will let you know but I very much doubt it. So what are you waiting for, get watching DC’s Doom Patrol!

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9 Hooves out of 10

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