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The Joker, DC’s TV Future, Stan Lee Cameo’s and MORE.

With a lot of news from both Marvel Studios and DC it can be easy to get a little confused and miss things. So here’s some of the biggest pieces of comic book news that you need to know.

No more Stan-Lee Cameo’s?

The thought of a Marvel movie without Stan Lee making a cameo is a depressing thought. Stan Lee has been making appearances since the very beginning, he even appeared in all three movies of Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy. Sadly, Joe Russo believes that Avengers: Endgame may just be the last time we see the man himself pop up on our screens. In an interview, Joe Russo mentioned how Endgame may be Stan Lee’s last cameo as he was too ill at the time in which ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ was being filmed.

While it’s not completely confirmed it’s extremely likely that Avengers: Endgame will be his last cameo. There is hope however, with todays technology we may see Stan-Lee make an appearance in a Spider-Verse movie for example and it’s almost certain there will be references and tributes to the great Stan Lee in every Marvel movie going forward. EXCELSIOR!

Avengers Endgame Breaks The Internet

We all knew Avengers: Endgame was going to be big but this was a whole new level of what we originally expected. On the 2nd of April tickets went on sale all over the globe and the demand was so high that internet servers just couldn’t handle it. Twitter also went crazy as Marvel dropped a new teaser at the time of the ticket release and people all over were struggling to grab tickets due to server issues. AMC theatres, Odeon and other cinema sites completely crashed as people rushed to get tickets for the opening night and opening day.

To put it into perspective, it broke the record for the highest amount of day-one ticket sales and It managed to break this record in only 6 hours of the tickets being on sale. If this doesn’t indicate on how big this movie is and will be, We don’t know what will. This truly could be the biggest movie of our generation.

Year of The Joker?

This year we have two new Jokers coming to life and hitting our screens. The American Drama TV series ‘Gotham’ is slowly reaching it’s final conclusion after 6 seasons, before it goes they’re introducing their own version of the notorious Batman villain: The Joker. They recently teased Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal as the Joker in a recent video and picture released online (see below) and while there’s already mixed feelings about the look there’s no denying it’s very chilling. We can’t wait to see the finished product and how it will look on screen in the Gotham finale.

Another Joker hitting the big screens is Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of DC’s big bad villain. A poster and a rather cinematic trailer for Todd Phillip’s upcoming ‘The Joker’ movie was recently released and it’s been receiving a tonne of praise online. The movie is set to focus on an origin story for the character and Twitter are predicting the movie may just end up Oscar worthy. ‘The Joker’ is coming to theatres October 4th.

DC TV series on the way

DC are putting a large amount of focus in bringing out TV Shows based around beloved comic characters. Their first flagship show was ‘DC’s Titans’, you can read our review here. While the first series wasn’t the best and didn’t leave us with much hope for DC’s future in TV, Doom Patrol came along and is gradually becoming one our favourite TV series that we have seen so far. You can read our Doom Patrol Review here. But DC have plenty more up their sleeves so here’s what else to expect from DC going forward:

  • Titans Season Two: We enjoyed the first season, it lost it’s touch during the final episodes but it’s still a good watch. The second season is on the way and will introduce new characters such as Superboy, Deathsroke, Jericho and Rose Wilson.
  • Swamp Thing: The synopsis for the Swamp Thing story is as simple as: ‘An experimental potion mutates Dr. Alec Holland into Swamp Thing, a part-man/part-plant superhero’. The series is set to start rolling out episodes from May 2019 all the way up to August. Judging from the synopsis it’s likely the series will be very odd and if it’s anything like ‘Doom Patrol’ we have no doubts the show has a lot of potential to be brilliant.
  • Star Girl: We recently got our first look at DC’s Star Girl which is set to be released at some point in early 2020. The synopsis reads: ‘After high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore discovers a powerful cosmic staff and that her stepfather used to be a hero sidekick, she becomes the inspiration for a new generation of superheroes’. The first look gives us a promising sneak peak at Star Girl with the best looking live-action Star Girl costume that we’ve seen to date.

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