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Must Watch Book To Screen Adaptations

A lot of the time, people find that the films never lived up to the standards of the books that they’ve read. But books and films are very different mediums and we thought we would share with you our 5 top book-to-screen adaptations based on the books we’ve read ourselves.

Sin City

Frank Millar’s Sin City is a series of thirteen parts telling several intertwining stories. In the film adaptation, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Millar successfully adapt a comic book series to the big screen. They do so in a manner that genuinely feels like they’re bringing the comic book to life. Sin City is visually stunning with a star powered cast. It’s something never done before and perfect for those who want something a little different to watch.

Gone Girl

Having read the book three times, I was admittedly nervous for this film as I had such a love for it and such an unexplained hate for Ben Affleck. Saying this, David Fincher’s Gone Girl is an incredible adaptation of an incredible novel by Flynn. Just like the book, it is gripping and intense and one of those movies that once it ends, you think: “I can’t wait to rewatch this”.

A Simple Favour

Led by comedy writer and director Paul Feig who has got a real eye for comedic performances. He made the film lighthearted yet still messed up, whereas the book is mostly just messed up. Super Hitchcockian, super suspenseful and a refreshing mix of Gone Girl and comedy.


The outstanding quality of the performances by Brie Larson and her young co-star, Jacob Trembley in Room was undeniable and they both created characters exactly how I envisioned in the book, which is rare for a book to screen adaptation. The magical and emotional screenplay was written by Emma Donoghue, which was based on her own novel and the outstanding direction from Lenny Abrahamson. This film will honestly leave you sobbing.

Big Fish

The actors, the cinematography, the stories, the settings and the imagination. Everything about Big Fish is done so beautifully, it’s great to see such an amazing mixture of stories be brought to life with Burtons visuals. It’s one of my favourite movies and a must-watch.

That’s all folks!

So there you have it, my top book-to-screen adaptations. Some of the most iconic films such as Fight Club and Jurassic Park. Sometimes they can be a complete flop (Twilight, The fault in our stars…you get it). We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comments down below!

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