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Is The Nintendo Switch Still Worth Buying in 2019?

The Nintendo Switch is arguably Nintendo’s best console yet, it has been highly successful and revolutionary since it’s release back in 2017. In just 21 months of being on sale it sold 8.7 million consoles making it the fastest selling console in America. A wide range of games have been released since and a lot of time has passed, so after 2 years since it’s initial release, is the console still any good? Is it still worth buying in 2019? The short answer: Yes. The long answer: read the rest of this article.

Pros and Cons of the Nintendo Switch:

The Pro’s:


You can literally take and play anywhere, put it in your bag and use it anywhere. You can also play two player by taking off the side controllers and using the kickstand at the back, put it on any surface and you can play with a friend.

Easy to use:

Everything about the switch is fairly easy to use, you have a simple home screen where all your games are kept in view, you have a news button, Nintendo store button and a few others for settings, controls and albums. You simply put the game in the console, select it and play.


The best and probably most satisfying part of the switch is the design. You can use the dual controls attached to the Switch for a portable handheld style play, you can then use the kickstand and take out the controllers to either play with a friend or even attach the two controllers together to make one single big controller, so it feels more like playing on a console. If the screens not big enough for you, attach the Switch to a dock which is plugged into the TV and you can play any game on the big screen.

Focus on co-op fun:

The Switch has the perfect balance between being able to play by yourself on games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey while also being able to play with a friends and family on games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bro’s Ultimate.

The Con’s:

Sometimes a little difficult: 

The switch can sometimes feel a little temperamental when making changes to the way you play, for example the wrist strap attachment to make each controller a little bigger has a + and – simple which you need to match and if you don’t do it in the right way it can sometimes get stuck. It’s not a huge deal but constantly switching back and forth from different attachments can be a little annoying sometimes. (Very satisfying when it works though).

Expensive Games: 

Like all games these days, they’re expensive. All the games that come on the Switch are seriously impressive but the price is far from that. Each game is usually around £40-£50 so once you spent that precious cheddar on the Switch itself, two games alone are going to cost you near enough £100.


The charge isn’t the best on the Switch if you’re playing out and about. However if playing using the TV it will automatically charge itself which is a plus. But if playing a demanding game like Breath of the Wild then it’s key to remember that the charge won’t last you forever.

Why the Nintendo Switch is still worth buying in 2019.

I’ve never been a huge Nintendo Fan, but this console may have just made me one. The Nintendo Switch is considered expensive but its’s very much worth it, even 2 years on. It’s exciting to have a console that feels like an Xbox or Playstation while also feeling like an old school Nintendo DS or PSP. The Switch takes portability to a whole new level, I’ve had countless amounts of fun with friends and family on games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bro’s Ultimate and also plenty of fun by myself with games like Super Mario Odyssey. The games are still relevant and you can’t find them anywhere else, the console runs smoothly and there’s a lot of power inside such a small machine. All in all, The Nintendo Switch is that all round console that is a LOT of fun, it’s suitable for adults, children, families and simply just yourself. If you buy this console, it’s not a waste of your money, it’s an investment into a lot of fun. (That’s how we justified it anyway).

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