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Unicorn Store – Honest Review

This Netflix original movie directed and starring Brie Larson is about Kit who, after failing out of art school and taking an stable office job, gets a chance to fulfil her lifelong dream of adopting a unicorn.

Did We Enjoy It?

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What made us enjoy this so much was being able to personally relate to a lot of the themes present. I too have felt like a disappointing loser trying to make stuff and still living at home with their parents. The way the film depicted typical adult life as something as dull and something that drains all the child like creativity that one might have. How we can look down on people who are more imaginative and willing to take creative risks whether it be through art or something as simple as how we dress as strange or immature. The film is nothing too profound but its a film that will resonate with many. Don’t be mistaken, I do not dream of having a unicorns or have childlike concepts, but what this film achieves is a parallel of pursuit in a creative career with childlike concepts.

The Cast

Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson Unicorn Store 2019

After Kong: Skull Island and Captain Marvel comes the iconic duo that I didn’t know I needed in my life. Both on-screen and off-screen chemistry between Jackson and Larson makes me want to see them in every movie together. Larson’s portrayal of Kit’s innocence is really what drives the film forward, as she learns what it’s like to be an adult. All Kit desperately wants is for her parents to view her as the strong, independent woman she is, so she ditches the rainbows and glitter for professional looks and conventional ideas.

Is It Worth Watching?

Netflix's Unicorn Store 2019

This was Brie Larson’s feature length directorial debut. In terms of the direction there wasn’t anything super special, it’s just a sweet little movie that will leave you smiling. I’d love to see her maybe experiment more with some more stylistic choices and creative camera work. She’s a great actress and I’d love to see her flourish behind the camera too. Definitely watch this one if you need a pick me up and you’re looking for something personal and cute. t is a well made film with some good camera work, gorgeous colours, and cute “believe in yourself” themes. Definitely more of a visual piece with the vibrant colours and focus on art and creativity.

5 Hooves Out Of 10

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