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Long Shot Honest Review – A Gender-Inverted Rom-Com.

Charlize Theron’s character Charlotte Field is running for President after being a successful secretary of state. She runs into Seth Rogen’s character Fred Flarsky who she used to babysit (as a child, not a man of course) and with his comedic journalist skills, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter in her campaign for the presidency. What follows is hilarity, romance and chaos.


Honestly, I went into this film with little to no expectations. When it comes to Seth Rogen films I have a love hate relationship. I’m reporting that this one falls in the former category. I thought there was a really great mixture of topical humour, slapstick comedy, and full of pop culture references. It was such a cool feeling to be in a cinema with so many people all laughing at the same bits. This had us laughing within the first 20 minutes and it honestly gets funnier as it goes on. It wasn’t all just humour, the story was kind of touching and that’s down to the really good chemistry between Rogen and Theron, which was very unlikely, but turns out: not IMPOSSIBLE. This film actually cares about all of its characters, never before have I seen a Seth Rogen comedy with CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT instead of the usual cheap gags.

A Romantic- Comedy

This is a romantic-comedy no-doubt, however it wouldn’t be a Seth Rogen film without some raunchy humour mixed in, which actually worked quite well with the film and was not overly done. Seth and Charlize’s chemistry is playful and has a giant beating heart. Regardless of the initial “her with him?!”, question that will pop in all of our heads when we meet our protagonists, the moment we actually see these two together, all of those thoughts fly out the window.

Thematic Writing

Despite the comedy, anti-nazi jokes and your typical Seth Rogen-getting-f*cked up sequences, there is some fantastic and very relevant thematic writing in Long Shot. The passionate opinions on climate change, great satire of huge media conglomerations taking over small, hard working businesses and societies views on appearances. All of these topics were all sprinkled throughout the film and made for a really relatable comedy.

The Negatives

Our only real problem with the film was at just over 2 hours long this was a very stretched out comedy, and you definitely feel it in the third act. The feeling exists that things could be cut down by about 20 minutes to make everything more concise and engaging. As the plot becomes the focus the viewer begins to feel as if they’re simply watching a projection on a screen, not being a part of the world or feeling overly engaged within the film. These negatives however don’t distract you from the fact that for the most part, this Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are in a fresh rom-com with edgy political commentary, the engaging humour, fantastic performances and is a surprisingly brilliant piece of filmmaking. This gender-inverted version of a rom-com

Will You Enjoy?

This gender-inverted version of a rom-com has everything from heart, comedy, love and GOT spoilers. Its hilarious, it’s heartwarming and if you’re looking for a feel good-comedy film, or simply want something that you can laugh (seriously laugh) to, you’ll need to watch Long Shot when it hits theaters May 3rd. It probably has the best soundtrack of the year too. Music from the Cure, Frank Ocean, Robyn. Bliss.

7 Hooves Out Of 10

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