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Does Rick Die In The Walking Dead Comics?

Does Rick Grimes Die In The Walking Dead Comics? Well, the latest issue of The Walking Dead recently dropped and has left readers extremely worried about the future of a beloved main character: The one and only Rick Grimes.

While the TV Series saw the end of Rick Grimes story in the last season, the comics stuck to their guns and kept the character almost as the main focus of the comic book series. Well, that’s looking like it’s all about to change…

For context: In the most recent issues we’re introduced to a community named ‘The Commonwealth’. It’s a well-built society which is far more advanced than the communities Rick and the gang are used to.

However, there was a brewing conflict between the richest and poorest in their society. The Governess was the leader of the community but she wasn’t exactly very popular.

A civil war began and long story short, The Governess was overthrown by her own people and with the help of an inspirational speech from Rick. The people saw Mr Grimes as a new hope and looked up to him and his ways, the majority of people in the Commonwealth even wanted him in charge.

However, The Governess’ son who’s best described as a ‘nasty little rich boy’, snuck into Rick’s room at night and shot Rick close to the heart, the issue ends with Rick defenceless whispering “What did you do”.

With the issue ending there we’re unsure on what the future holds for Rick Grimes but with a wound as fatal as that, it’s almost certain Rick hasn’t got long to live.

While it was always bound to happen and comic fans expected the end of Rick Grimes at some point during the story, it’s shocking that Rick may die in such a disappointing way.

After everything Rick has gone through, endured and overcome: His end begins at the hands of a little rich boy. It’s an odd way to kill off a character as important as Rick Grimes but Robert Kirkman and the rest of the team putting the comics together always have something more up their sleeve.

We’re sure they wouldn’t do Rick dirty like that, would they?

It’s hard to imagine the comics without Rick Grimes but as seen in the TV series, it’s still very much possible for the story to continue and flourish as it focuses on other main characters.

The comics could now follow the lives of Carl, Maggie, Michonne and others as they deal with leading a world without Rick Grimes. Our main hope is that the next issue gives Rick a good send-off in which he deserves, no character should die at the hands of such a little sh*t, especially not Rick. We’ll find out the fate of Rick Grimes in issue #192 of The Walking Dead which is set for release on the 5th of June.

Update: He did die. See: The Walking Dead Comic Ending Explained for more information.

How do you feel about the likely death of Rick Grimes in the comics, and what do you think will happen moving forward? Let us know in the comments below!

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