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Should You Be Watching The Twilight Zone?

The Twilight Zone has cemented itself in TV history since it first aired on US TV in 1959. Back then the show was created and managed by Rod Serling who also hosted the show. Since then the show has been remade several times in the 80s, 2003 and now in 2019.

CBS is an American broadcasting company that has recently released its own streaming platform titled ‘CBS all access’. To draw people into their new platform, they have become the exclusive place to watch The Twilight Zone reboot series.

After Jordan Peele’s successful transition from comedy into directing suspense-filled horrors with hit film’s such as ‘Get out’, it was known that the audience had a craving to see more creations from this side of his mind. Earlier this year just after the release of Jordan Peele’s new movie, the first two episodes of The Twilight Zone released on CBS all access.

Each episode ranges between 40-60 minutes, much like Black Mirror the show is an anthology series. But instead of the focus on technology, The Twilight Zone enters a realm that is just outside of ours looking into more science fiction than science possibility.

The first episode was a great story titled ‘The Comedian’ which gave me high expectations for the whole series as it was just what I was looking for. The episode was an unsettling tale about a supernatural phenomenon where whoever a comedian jokes about would be forgotten about by everyone apart from the comedian and then vanish after the joke had got its laughs. This episode constantly had you questioning what the ending was going to be. The following episode was a remake of an older Twilight Zone episode called ‘Nightmare at 30,000 feet” this episode had Adam Scott in the leading role who I love from Parks and Recreation, I enjoyed this episode, (even though the ending was fairly obvious) but it was more about watching the horror unfold whilst it happens than the actual outcome. These episodes were backed up by good supernatural events that kept you gripped from start to finish.

But now we get into the problems with the show, each episode offers an exciting premise but it takes a long while to get to the interesting part, and once the episode get’s to the interesting part, it’s over. The worst episode for this is episode 5 ‘The Wunderkind’ which is a comedic look at the political climate in the US at the moment. An 11-year-old boy who promises free video games for all is elected to be the President. The episode pokes fun at the population of the US by saying that they would vote for someone with no political knowledge but is cute and offers ridiculous promises for the country after being elected, obviously a blatant dig at Trump.

The whole time the episode is building towards seeing the country become a mess after the boy is elected, but we only get two scenes at the end of the episode that shows he has become power crazy and a ‘spoilt brat’. The people of the US instead are just seen as happy with the child president. The outcome is not satisfying, and it makes the nation out to be a bunch of idiots instead I feel it should have been about the population correcting the wrongs they have made, while there’s no point getting political the point I want to make is about writing a good story, each episode lacks pay-off! Each episode leaves a sour taste in your mouth as the last 10 minutes always leaves you craving more. Another great anthology series is ‘Inside Number 9’ where each episode is continually making you excited for the ending and leaves you thinking about how you didn’t see it coming, as it cleverly subverts your expectations, but plausibly, this is what the Twilight Zone lacks.

I may have come across as too hard on The Twilight Zone, but this is because I believe it could be so much more than what it is currently, I will continue to watch the show in the hope that it will improve and I still enjoy watching new episodes each week, but I doubt I would keep coming back if there were new episodes of Black Mirror available. I know Jordan Peele is capable of more. As of now I wouldn’t say you are missing out on much by not watching The Twilight Zone.

What are your thoughts on Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone? Let us know in the comments down below!

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