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Detective Pikachu Honest Review – A Fun, Energetic Look Into The Pokémon World

To the young Pokémon Trainers that have now grown older, this film is the dream you used to have. Your very own Pokémon Partner, a little buddy; a world where Pocket Monsters and humans lived side by side. This film is that.

Detective Pikachu is a love letter to Pokémon fans young and old. This films really does have something for everyone. If you’re a parent take your kids, you’ll get a kick out of it too. But whether you’re old or young, as long as you love Pokémon, this film will give you a lot to enjoy.

The Story

There’s no spoilers here, don’t worry. When you first sit down, you think you know where the story is going, you’ll say it’s obvious. But it isn’t, there’s genuine twists and turns, it’s nothing groundbreaking don’t get me wrong; just don’t dismiss it. Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds give great performances (shout-out to Kathryn Newton too) the chemistry between them both is hilarious and at moments heartfelt, they riff of one another well.


This is it. By god’s did they do it. No Pokémon feels out of place in ‘our world’, you can really see the time and effort that went into making them feel real, The Pokémon Company cared about how this looked (all eyes on you now Sega). The way Pikachu and Tim (played by Justice Smith) interact looks amazing, there’s nothing that looks awry or out of place, they did an astounding job.

The Wrong

The ending feels a bit rushed at points, there’s an awkward ‘staring at villain’ bit that when you watch the film I hope you see. An extra 15 minutes on the runtime wouldn’t have gone amiss. The main negative I have is it feels like a film in two halves. On one side it’s a child’s Pokémon film, you have your adorable creatures and family fun, but then in the same film have an underground illegal fight club where they deal Pokémon drugs and have massively inappropriate jokes. Adult references in kids films are fine, it’s what keeps parents entertained, but when your main character makes a reference to sniffing cocaine; it’s a bit on the nose (excuse the pun).


In conclusion, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is a delight to watch, it’s a fun, energetic look into the Pokémon world that anyone can get behind and I sincerely hope we see more in the future.

7 Hooves Out Of 10

Have you seen Detective Pikachu? Or are you planning too? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments!

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