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John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum – Honest Review

With all of the new movie releases of 2019, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum certainly is one of the best executed action films to date.

We prepared ourselves for this by binge watching Chapter one and Two. Chapter One is a personal film about a man who lost his wife, and then lost his dog. Chapter Two and now, Chapter Three has become a film about a legend. The Baba Yaga. This Third Chapter highlights the incredible franchise, not much in terms of story or even evoking emotions from the characters, but instead relying heavily on Choreography, cinematography and of course, action. More humour is peppered through this third chapter and doesn’t once feel forced and makes for the most fun John Wick chapter yet.

Kinetic Choreography & Stunning Cinematography

The film is what it is because of the incredible choreography. Its what keeps us engaged and in awe. You’re never taken out of the film with quick/jumpy cuts, each take is long and precise and it just proves quick cuts are not needed. This chapter was more martial ‘art-sy’ opposed to mainly guns which made for some spectacular- and horrifically violent-fight scenes in the previous chapters. We follow the characters fight as if were watching one of the Director’s ballet dancers, each movement is elegant and well paced and you don’t want to take your eyes off the screen in fear that you will miss a clever/jaw dropping move. Its elegant, its unique, its gruesome and its John Wick kicking ass. There was plenty of cringing and not wanting to look at the screen moments throughout with even more of those typical John Wick creative death scenes.

The whole look of Chapter 3 makes also makes it so much more. The use of neon lights for a neo-noir vibe, the vibrant colours, interesting shots and wides opposed to close up makes for a brilliant performance rather than just two guys hitting each other. Theres a real Blade Runner feel to this with lighting gorgeous and glowing. Even the incredible costume details such as characters tattoos. These small details really turns the John Wick world into a canvas. The locations are carefully crafted with inventive set pieces with the intent that: anything and EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon. A room entirely made of glass. Makes sense. A library full of books? Maybe you’re forgetting John Wick can kill a man with a pencil.

A ‘Wick-Verse’?

The incredible efficacy of world building across three movies is very impressive. We get more of an insight to the complex network of underground assassin’s not only in New York but it also branches out across the world to Casablanca, introducing great new characters such as Sophia that really define the characters in this universe. It opens up the world of The Continental with the introduction to The Adjudicator and higher members of the high table.

Would you enjoy?

I must say I was a bit disappointed with the ending having going in expecting the franchise to come to an end, however in hindsight the news of a fourth and the further exploration of the continental and the high table is so exciting. Overall, I believe if you are a fan of John Wick then you will love this, with its amazing action, introduction to new characters, locations and concepts. Sure it may lack story and character development, but thats never been a main focus of John Wick.

7 Hooves Out Of 10

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