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Mario Maker 2 News Round Up

Mario Maker 2 is set to release on June 28th 2019, and we’ve just been treated to a Nintendo direct entirely based on the upcoming game!

Returning Features

EVERYTHING from the OG Mario Maker (it looks that way at least). The Amiibo costumes are yet to be seen.

What’s new?

There’s a lot of new features in the game. There are lots of new items like the dry bones shell, slopes, the Angry Sun and snake block. My personal favourite is the on/off switch as I know it will lead to some very creative levels. Also, red fire breathing Yoshi is making an appearance!

Co-op level creation is now a thing I can’t wait to make the most random and torturous levels with this feature! They do say two heads are better than one!

Scrolling is now fully customisable this is great because it makes you can hide secret rooms! Water, Larva and poison can now be edited to rise and fall during the level.

A kind of story mode also got announced with 100+ levels created by Nintendo themselves as you earn coins to rebuild Princesses Peaches castle.

The online looks fantastic with the ability to play against three other plays or cooperatively on any level created by anyone around the world, as either Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Toadette as long as you are subscribed to the switch online program.

Super Mario 3D World

The new theme is listed as an extra them; this means that you cannot switch between Super Mario 3D World and any of the other themes because there is so much that’s unique to this theme. The most unique part is how Mario can move when using the catsuit power-up, he can slash and climb, which changes in the whole level! There’s also many enemies that can only be found in this theme like Skipsqueak and Meowser. You can also get a car power up that looks invincible… very strange!

What we still don’t know

  • Will Amiibo costumes make the return?
  • Can you play as the other characters during solo play?
  • Will there be co-op level playing?

All looks very exciting for this game, and the creativity is just ready to start pouring out! I’ve got my pre-order in, have you? Let us know in the comments down below what you’re most excited for in Mario Maker 2!

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