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Rocketman Movie Review

Bold, dazzling and glam. Rocketman does a great job exploring Elton John from his perspective, allowing Elton to tell us his story with warts and all. Playing like a group therapy session, we witness Elton (played by Taron Egerton) take over and discuss his many flaws and regrets through an explosion of emotions and musical melodies giving us a glimpse of Elton’s rise to fame and the frenzy that came with it.


At first, It took a minute to adjust my eyes to the movies particular style, it is so far beyond my expectations in terms of fantastical elements. I was expecting a Bohemian Rhapsody vibe but what we actually got was actually the opposite in some ways. Many will see it as over-the-top and I honestly did at first; but then I remembered It’s an ELTON JOHN movie. Once you accept what the movie is, you can really get into it. The colours, choreography is executed perfectly and the acting from all of the cast is on point, passionate and full of life. The musical numbers didn’t really give me that A Star is Born- concert scene- captivated-feeling but it sure was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

A Typical Musical?

This wasn’t your average Mama Mia musical it’s R-Rated, powerful and the raw emotions makes you realise this isn’t some feel good fairytale, this is real. It’s still an extremely entertaining portrait of Elton John’s life that made me tear up on more than one occasion. Dexter Fletcher (Director) created a brilliant musical fantasy rather than standard musician biopic. Elton John’s songs are used to actually push the story forward in a glorious spectacle of cool, vibrant outfits and spontaneous dancing as opposed to random songs peppered throughout. What the movie also did was focus on Elton as a person, his struggles with alcohol, drugs and family was the main aspect of the film and not just his struggles with being gay. To put it blunt, this shows Elton as being a bit of an arsehole. This film has a whole lot of heart, feelings and motivations. It’s best summed up as a rollercoaster which isn’t for the faint hearted.


As expected, Taron Egerton dazzled and shined, he did so much more than simply imitating Elton, instead he really captured the spirit of ROCKETMAN. His perfomance was jam-packed full of energy and soul. At some points he really does feel like the real Elton in the way he dances, sings, talks and even looks just like Elton John. This wasn’t a god awful biopic where everyone is just lip dub lip dub lip dubbed. You actually feel like you’re watching a true performance here.

Will You Enjoy It?

Rocketman is a musical biopic like no other before it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is another Bohemian Rhapsody but about someone else. This tale is raw, gut-wrenching and hard hitting following the up’s and down’s of the musical genius that is Elton John. The beginning is fast paced and a struggle to keep up with at times but you will be sucked into the drama and dazzle. I doubt you will leave the theatre amazed, full of joy and awe because this movie has a different kind of impact by showing you the haunting and tragic side to a life of fame and revealing the human being behind the godly man that is Elton John.

5 Hooves Out of 10

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