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Back To Life – Honest Review

Before February 2016, BBC Three was the go-to place for young adult TV (and E4) in the UK. Since then BBC Three has solely been an online content provider, I don’t believe that this has ever benefited the channel’s impact on the target demographic, the only notable show that has been made for the channel has been the newer season of Cuckoo, that’s until now.

Back To Life is a sweet tale about a woman coming back to her hometown after being in prison since she was 18, It would be a spoiler to say why she was sent there as part of the early episodes builds intrigue about what she did… let’s just say she is pretty hated around town.

The series is very concise with only six episodes that each clock in at about 30 minutes long and every single one will make you laugh and cry. This short time frame makes it a great show to binge or even just watch an episode a night for a week (with a double bill on Friday). It is a self-contained story with a clear beginning, middle and end, so I doubt there will be a second season.

The Characters

It’s written by and stars Daisy Haggard as she plays Miri Matteson, a good person that has been handed an unfortunate situation in life and just wants to get on with things after being finally let free. The supporting cast is made up of characters that are even more lovable in a strange way; they have all been affected by Miri and her time in prison. My stand out favourites are Miris’ mother and father that share a loving but somewhat broken relationship and her Ex-best friend who’s incredibly lonely after losing her friends.

The Cinematography And Iconography

Honestly, this program is shot in such a beautiful way against a beautiful British seaside town, it’s gloomy and realistic. The camera is often moving to enhance the story: for example shaking more in an intense scene, making it feel more like a movie than your standard network TV show.

Why It Isn’t Perfect?

One character seems to have been made for a cheap form of intrigue. It feels like he’s been written into the show to fill time in an already short story and so Miri can say one line at the end of the show. It was disappointing as I was expecting him to have a more significant impact on the overall story.

The Verdict

Back to life is a fantastic short story presented in a heartfelt way, it’s comedic and emotional all at the same time. Hopefully BBC Three is getting back on track after four years of not knowing what to do with itself!

8 Hooves Out Of 10

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