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Avengers Endgame Re-Release: What was actually in it?

In an attempt to pass James Cameron’s Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame has been re-released for a short time in one last attempt to reach their ultimate goal. Marvel Studio’s promised extra juicy content to watch and some surprises also. Want to know what was really shown in the Endgame re-release? Well keep reading.

Anthony Russo appears:

Before the movie started rolling we were graced with the very brief presence of Anthony Russo, telling us to stick around until the end for something special. 

Once the original movie finished the entire credits rolled with no mid-credit scene or anything new, we had to wait until the credits stopped rolling for the extra scenes.

Anthony Russo appeared on screen once again and thanked us for sticking around, he mentioned many scenes that they loved had to be cut from the finished movie and this next scene being one of main ones they loved.

Hulk Deleted Scene:

This scene was completely unfinished and the CGI obviously was completely different to the end products that we’re used to. Firefighters on the ground are struggling to deal with a burning building with civilians at the windows screaming for help. Hulk comes jumping and smashing through the building in the distance, puts the civilians in a satellite dish and carries that dish down to the ground and to safety. Hulk then picks up his phone and answers a call from Steve Rogers. This scene was likely meant to be the first reveal of Professor Hulk.

Stan Lee Tribute:

We were treated to a really emotional and touching tribute to the man himself: Stan Lee. It showed clips of all his MCU cameos and his feelings behind them, we also got to see behind the scenes clips of him filming them with members of the casts interacting with him. It finished with a message saying ’Stan, We love you 3000’.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opening: 

We then got a short first look at the very beginning shot in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nick Fury and Maria Hill are in Mexico investigating a ‘cyclone with a face’. Mysterio turns up and starts fighting the ‘earth elemental’. The scene ends there.

That was all:

So that was completely it for the entire Re-Release of Avengers: Endgame. It was great to see the movie on the big screen one last time however the three final pieces of content given to us at the end really did not justify an entire re-release. If we’re entirely honest it seemed like a massive cash grab and the Hulk scene had everyone in the cinema laughing as it was that bad. 

Marvel, we are not impressed.

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