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Spider-Man: Far From Home – The MCU’S Next Iron Man?

Spider-Man: Far From Home was one of the most entertaining and fun MCU movies we’ve seen so far. It was the lighthearted, adventurous, warm post Endgame movie that we needed. It also does a great job in briefly answering any questions you may of had coming out of Endgame: like what happened to the world after the 5 years that people had disappeared. But above all, was it a good Spider-Man movie?

Peter Parker

Peter Parker Spiderman Far From Home 2019 HD Image

Far From Home offers a new depth of emotion for Peter Parker that was not seen in Homecoming. Tom Holland’s portrayal of Parker is still relatable and charming but here we really see him come into his own distinct Superhero. We’re given the-very-much-Spiderman- internal conflicts and insecurites that Peter Parker struggles with, and when he breaks down with Happy it really gets you in the feels. His flaws and the lessons learnt were executed perfectly, which is what makes him Spiderman. So why is not a perfect Spider-Man movie?

The movie is full of heartfelt parallels between Stark and Parker which feels like a reminder of whats at stake to Parker’s journey, but it also makes you question Spider-Mans future. Peter is told that the world ‘needs a new Iron Man’. Now the point of the film is about who Peter is, and we know full well he’s not Iron Man. The story deals with the fallout of the Avengers in Endgame and Parkers responsibility to step up as an Avenger with Nick Fury. The implications of this is that Spidey is no longer going to be that relatable kid who swings through New York anymore. I mean, just like Nick Fury reminds us; bitch please, you’ve been to space. It’s more clear now than ever that his role is to connect to the larger cinematic universe that has been built and this is the end to our simple friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. This is a hard pill for die hard fans to swallow.

Mysterio – The Best Villain Of The MCU?

Mysterio Spiderman Far From Home 2019 HD Image

The biggest sucess of the film was Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Mysterio’ who has proven to be a fantastic addition to the MCU with a brilliant performance and a portrays a solid Villain (possibly my favourite). I thought a lot was obvious from the trailers for this so I was going in expecting this film to be totally predictable, but the twist in this is even more suprising and Mysterio was not this magic fish bowl man I thought he was but controlling illusions with technology. The notion and execution of the films ‘twist’ was creative and made for some great action sequences. It was really fun being able to watch Spiderman use his senses to seperate illusion from reality to defeat Mysterio, and they certainly didn’t hold back on the very personal illusions.

The Characters

Far From Home has a brilliant cast of characters who truly grow on you and really feel real. MJ was significantly better than she was in Homecoming, becoming less awkward and much more likeable. MJ and Peters relationship was also the most honest portrayal of being an awkward teenager in love. Their chemistry was certainly unrivalled and you really root for them throughout.

A Good Spider-Man Movie?

Spider-Man Far From Home is one of the most hilarious MCU films and an action packed Superhero blockbuster. So as a Spiderman film, is it good? It has the perfect mix of emotions, comedy and we’re given our flawed Peter Parker who partly wants to be a normal kid, but the surroundings and the scale of Far From Home puts Spiderman in the bigger picture and I don’t think we can ever expect a small Spiderman film again. I think die hard fans will be dissapointed with this and what it says about the future of Peter Parker, especially after the implications that Mid-credit scene gives us. (Which you NEED to stay for).

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