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A24’s Midsommar Review – A Messed Up Masterpiece

Midsommar is the latest horror from the studio A24, responsible for horror films such The Witch, It Comes at Night and Hereditary. Directed by the brilliant Ari Aster, this ‘folk horror’ follows Dani and Christian (Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor) who join their friends on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a Swedish midsummer festival in the middle of nowhere. Things start getting messy when they’re forced to partake in some very disturbing festivities.

Midsommar doesn’t just cross the line, it completely leaps over it in typical A24 fashion. (What I’m trying to get at here is that this movie is MESSED UP in all kinds of ways). It’s important to mention that Midsommar is really not for the faint hearted, you will be truly disturbed but if you truly think you’re up for it, then please go see this movie!

A24's Midsommar HD 2019

A Long-Lasting Experience:

It’s no exaggeration when we say that this movie will linger on you for a long time after walking out of the cinema. This is the absolute definition of an uncomfortable and disturbing experience yet there’s just something about it that keeps you wanting more. We can’t delve too much into what actually happens in this movie because we don’t want to spoil anything but what we can say is that it really is a sight to see. Tension is very slowly built throughout as events start to unfold, people begin to go missing and things just get even more and more strange. It’s a very refreshing Horror movie to watch and feels like one that will instantly go down as a classic and almost taboo. The colours are actually very bright and it’s a nice change to the usual hard to see horror movies that are shoved in our face lately. 

Watching this movie from start to finish is horrifying and its almost as if you’re on one big hallucinogenic trip, you’re simply left sinking in your seat with a bad taste in your mouth but for some reason you just can’t look away. This movie is extremely gory and it’s nothing that I have ever seen before, some scenes are truly tough to watch and they’ll stick with you long after. One thing we will mention is that at times it can feel slightly boring and the plot seemed pretty dragged out, not much at times as it spends a lot of time building up that tension and teasing what’s yet to come.

Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor Midsommar HD 2019

A Refereshing Horror Movie:

What A24 and Ari Aster have done with Midsommar is not fill it with cheap jump scares and a demon throwing the main character from one wall to another. Instead they’ve created a spine-shivering piece of art that while you’re hoping will end soon, you kind of want to see more. The cinematography is masterful and enough to leave you mesmerised, carrying out shots and movements with the camera that I haven’t seen before and leave you wondering how did they do that. All of this is what separates this from any other typical horror movie that’s out there. Every single shot is carefully picked and packed with originality and it’s good to see that much passion go into a horror movie. 

Superb Performances:

The acting in this is superb, especially by Florence Pugh. Her character carries the movie forward and brilliantly captures the themes of loss, grief and madness. Her occasional anxiety attacks are extremely difficult to watch and everything about her character feels so real. The way she presents herself on screen really makes you feel and connect with her character without having to spend too much time explaining who she is and how she feels all the time. It’s almost as if you’re going on this journey with her, you want to shout at her and pull her out of the situations she’s left in but instead you watch helpless, watching her character slowly be chipped away until nothings left.

Florence Pugh Midsommar 2019

Not For Everyone’s Tastes:

So in conclusion, A24’s Midommar is best described as a messed up masterpiece that’s not for everyones tastes. It’s only meant for a very particular audience that know what they’re getting theirselves into. If you truly want to sit in a cinema and be totally disturbed for over two hours then this is the movie for you. However, if you’re used to your usual ‘The Conjuring’ type horror movies with demons, comedy and action then maybe give this one a miss. Midommar will have a weird effect on you that lasts long after you leave the cinema and there are scenes that stick around in your head at times when they shouldn’t. For that fact alone, this horror is truly something special and will be for many years to come. 

6 Hooves Out of 10

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