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Stuber – A Wild Uber Ride Packed With Heart

Stuber really surprised me, I went in thinking it would be a worthless action movie full to the brim with cheap jokes, un-interesting characters and a semi-decent plot. However, it was actually quite the opposite. Stuber follows ‘a mild-mannered Uber driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) who picks up a passenger (Dave Bautista) who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer, he’s then thrust into a harrowing ordeal where he desperately tries to hold onto his wits, his life and his five-star rating.’ Sure this particular style of movie seems to have been done plenty of times before but Stuber really does it well, it lands on it’s feet and has easily become one of my most enjoyable movies of this year so far. 

An Action/Comedy Packed With Heart:

Stuber is best described as an action movie that spends a lot of it’s time poking fun at the genre and it’s tropes. Stuber is very much self-aware and genuinely contains everything the audience needs in this particular type of movie. Overall it’s enjoyable to watch: there’s some great action scenes, plenty of comedy and a lot of heart. The pacing is fast and the entire thing seems like one wild ride but this fast story-telling style is executed well, something which many action movies seem to fail at. If we were to briefly delve into the negatives it must be said that it takes a while to truly get into this movie, the first act feels a little off but the second and third acts really make up for it. The action scenes will get your heart racing but they’re nowhere near as well shot as movies like ‘John Wick’ and their choppiness makes it difficult to properly understand what’s going on at all times. The comedic elements of the movie worked for the most part and while some jokes fell flat the finished product successfully lifted the movie high enough to forget about the flaws mentioned. 

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Characters That Matter:

What really made Stuber shine was the surprising amount of ‘breathing space’ given in-between the action scenes. It gave the movie time to focus on it’s characters, giving them plenty of opportunities to express their feelings and developing them throughout. The entire movie is a clear ‘Point A to Point B’ story in which at ‘Point A’ we’re presented with two flawed characters, both who are the opposites of each other, they’re both thrown into the same situation and are therefore forced to learn from one another. We’re then left off at ‘Point B’ in which they both complete their specific arcs and come out of it as better people. If this is successfully executed then it makes any movie feel worth watching. By the time the credits roll you get this satisfying feeling in your belly that leaves you ensured that the movie wasn’t a waste of your time. Lessons are learnt and everyone is a winner. Yay. 

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Valuable Lessons Learnt:

One thing I’d like to mention that Stuber also did well is the dynamic between the two leads, they’re both the opposites of each other but have great chemistry and successfully bounce off of one another. While it’s been done plenty of times before it still worked well. The lessons they learn from one another are actually valuable ones. Dave Bautista’s character learns a lot about Masculinity and being a father, learning from Stu that it’s ok for a man to cry and to value the important things in his life such as his daughter. Stu also learns from Bautsista’s character to stand up for himself, be strong and follow his own dreams. Any action-comedy movie that gives it’s characters this amount of development while also dealing with some serious and interesting themes deserves a lot of praise.

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A Must-See Movie This Summer:

Overall, Stuber is a surprisingly heartfelt movie that offers the audience pretty much everything they want for a typically good flick. Sure it has plenty of negatives but Stuber above all things is simply enjoyable. There’s guns, explosions, comedy and a lot heart. Stuber is not only a good action movie but it also cares about it’s main characters and takes it’s time to establish and expand them. All of these things and more make Stuber a must-see movie this summer. You won’t be disappointed. 

7 Hooves Out of 10

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