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Why No Version of Spider-Man Is The Best Version

Spider-Man: Far From Home recently arrived in theatres and every new Spider-Man movie seems to revive the age-old debate that has taken the Spidey Fan Base, shaken it up and made it a very toxic place. It’s the argument of which live-action Spider-Man is the best, whether it’s Sam Raimi’s original Trilogy, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man or the MCU’s Tom Holland. These three versions are always compared and put against each other leading to people at eachothers throats, arguing and attacking others with different opinions to their own. Spider-Man is an important character, it resonates and means a lot to so many people: an awkward teenager that struggles with everyday problems, has the worst luck but above it all, always stands tall and comes out on top. Nearly everyone can relate to the character and all of us can learn a lot from Spider-Man’s story. While people are passionate and that’s amazing, things are getting toxic. Here’s why we should stop comparing and start respecting other peoples taste’s.

Tobey Maguire vs Andrew Garfield vs Tom Holland:

Each live-action Spider-Man movie shouldn’t be pitted against one another because each version stands as it’s own completely different take on the Web-Swinger. Let’s be honest, we don’t want the re-telling of the same story over and over again otherwise what would be the point. Each version of the live-action Spider story showcases something different and all versions should in someway be respected. First of all you have the Raimi Trilogy with Tobey Maguire, I would say it’s best described as the more dramatic take on Spider-Man, really delving into his constant conflict between living his life as Peter Parker or as the masked hero, Spider-Man.

Raimi’s movies are undoubtedly beautifully made, tugging on heartstrings while exploring a more cheesy/camp version of the Spider-Man tale which so many hold close to their hearts. We also have Marc Webb’s version with Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, it’s a much more modern telling of the origin story, one which explores more into his parents death and plays with a much more darker take on the hero. Finally we have the Tom Holland/MCU version of Spider-Man, Jon Watts gives us a much more lighthearted, fun take on the story and while there are plenty of dramatic and emotional moments spread throughout, it’s clear that the MCU’s Spider-Man is providing a much more up-beat take on the character. So as you can see, all very different takes on the same character that all matter in their own indivdual way.

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

Ice-Cream Flavours:

Every single one of these takes on Spider-Man is like a different flavour ice cream. Each one is so much different from the last that they no where near ‘taste’ the same. Let’s say the Raimi trilogy is vanilla ice-cream, Andrew Garfield’s is chocolate and the MCU Spider-Man is strawberry. Now everyone has their own favourite flavour ice cream and we all understand and respect that, everyone likes different flavours and you wouldn’t argue and say someone or attack someone because they prefer a certain flavour to the one you do. As human’s we understand that everyones tastebud’s are different and it’s all down to personal preference. Each flavour is so different that you wouldn’t compare them either, vanilla is nothing like strawberry and chocolate is nothing like vanilla, that’s what the different takes of Spider-Man are like. If there was only one flavour of ice-cream and everyone liked the same thing then the world would be an extremely boring place to live. 

Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man

Everyone Has Different Tastebuds:

Yes, I did just compare the different takes of Spider-Man as ice-cream flavours but as bizarre at it may be, It’s true. In the end it all comes down to respecting people’s opinions and personal preferences but it’s also important to remember that comparing Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man to Tom Holland’s is a somewhat pointless thing to do as they’re completely different takes of the character, if everyone respected that then the Spider-Man fanbase would be a much better community to be a part of, respect other peoples different tastebuds and remember that just because you like a certain flavour, that doesn’t mean you’re right. If you want that heart-felt and dramatic take on Spider-Man, watch the Raimi movies and hold them close to your chest until the day you die. If you love Andrew Garfield’s quirky and awkward Peter Parker and the all round darker take on Spider-Man then hold them close to your heart too and if you love Tom Holland and the more light-hearted, comedic take on Spider-Man then carry on enjoying it. One thing not to do however is attack people who don’t like your particular favourite version. Respect that each take is completely different and not to everyone’s tastes. Trust me, you’ll be much happier in life. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Respect Other People’s Opinions:

As Spider-Man fans, we are so lucky. There’s very little characters that have this many takes to choose from. If you don’t like a certain version, there’s a handful of other’s to choose from. First of all you have those three very different live-action versions to choose from and enjoy, a handful of animated series all with different Peter Parker’s and different interpretations, you have comic books with countless different versions of Spider-Man and even plenty of video games including Spider-Man PS4 which many argue is their favourite Peter Parker oh and I could never forget the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie which is just amazing. If you don’t like a certain take on Spider-Man then there’s an almost endless amount of others that you can check out and try. As fans of Spider-Man we should consider ourselves extremely lucky and be grateful for what we have. While debate and discussion is healthy and exciting, the toxicity and ‘war’ between the groups of people who prefer certain versions of Spider-Man really should be a thing of the past now, respect other people’s opinions and remember at the end of the day we have more in common than we think, because at the end of the day: we all love Spider-Man. 

Into Spider-Verse Spider-Man Miles Scene

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