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The Boys – The Most Ridiculous Yet Real

Whenever you watch a super-hero movie of some sort, whether it be from Marvel, DC or any studio for that matter. Do you ever sit there and think ‘woah how many people were in that building that just got destroyed’ or ‘damn that crash would of definitely killed those people’ or even maybe something blows up and you’re there watching and thinking ‘man, that’s going to be so expensive to fix’.

Well, If you’re the type of person that thinks those exact things, you’re really going to enjoy this show. The Boys takes the idea of a world full with glorified ‘Super-Hero Celebrities’ and gives us a glimpse at the repercussions of such a world, how it would work in reality and how a group of humans with god-like abilities could actually be a total nightmare.

Prime Video's The Boys Homelander HD 2019

Perfect World-Building and a Refreshing Story:

The Boys is a fresh take on the superhero genre, something that is very much welcome with the currant climate of constant super-hero movies being released every year. This show revitalises the entire genre and spends the majority of its time poking a lot of fun at these big budget super-hero cinematic universes all while giving us brilliant dark humour that actually makes it enjoyable to watch. Even with the odd sense of humour, the silly one liners and the extremely ridiculous moments, this series still feels more real than any other superhero product on TV.

The Boys excels at really taking time to set-up a world in which we’ve never seen before. A world packed to the brim with politics, religion, capitalism, and sexism, yet there’s this fresh and fun spin on it all which makes it actually fun to sit through and watch.

The entire plot really does well to delve into what could happen in a more realistic world of super-hero’s and villains, how they would be used as a brand and a product of capitalism rather than just people that go about saving lives and doing good all day everyday. All of these things and more makes The Boys something truly refreshing and worth watching. 

The Team, Amazon Prime Video The Boys 2019 HD

Mental Health, PTSD, Grief and Other Issues:

Yes, The Boys is full of outrageous moments, rib-tickling laughs and a lot of unnecessary gore but what this series successfully does is explores genuine and serious themes and issues. It touches on mental health issues like PTSD, how grief affects certain people and even touches on how to move on following the death of loved ones. Nothing about this show is easy but the way it’s brilliantly executed deserves to be recognised.

While The Boys does indeed poke fun at tough issues, it’s fair to say it’s all carried out in a genuine and respectful way which makes it all seem some just that little more lighthearted. The entire show specialises and showcases a special type of humour that is sometimes very much necessary in today’s world.

Hughie and Stargirl Amazon Prime Video The Boys HD

Different Characters Experiencing Different Journeys:

While The Boys takes a lot of time with its world-building and pushing its (at times) complex plot forward, it also takes enough time to flesh out its characters. After all, they are the heart and soul of the any good TV series.

From the first season alone, the character development isn’t exactly the best you’ll ever see in a TV Show but you can tell their arcs are meant to be drawn out over multiple seasons. However, there’s still plenty of that all important breathing space amidst all the politics and action that let the characters speak to one another, connect and build those relationships.

Every character is a mystery, both the good and the bad ones, they’re all extremely interesting and every moment they have on the screen is important to their individual stories.

They’re all on their own journeys, whether it’s dealing with PTSD, grief, revenge, sexism or finding love. They’re all experiencing their own issues and going down individual paths that are important for each character and their specific arcs. It’s safe to say that not one character is like the last and each one of them are given plenty of screen time so they can shine, the way The Boys take care of their characters is what really pushes this show higher than what it’s plot ever could. 

A-Train Amazon Prime Video The Boys 2019 HD

It Truly Is Something Special:

The Boys is outrageous, it’s clever and it’s really REALLY dark. The lines between good and evil are blurred with the super-hero genre tipped completely on it’s head. If you’re a fan of super-hero movies, or even if you completely hate them: you are bound to enjoy this show.

It’s fair to say it’s not for the faint hearted and but it doesn’t always take itself seriously, so tread carefully. However, The Boys really feels like something special and is best described as a wild ride that will leave you feeling lost once it’s all over. 

8 Hooves Out Of 10

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