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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Explained

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a very different Tarantino movie with no obvious plot and not the usual sharp dialogue, the characters needed to stand out big time. Margot Robbie didn’t have many lines but that’s not because Tarantino hates women. Margot Robbie was chosen as a muse for Sharon Tate and her presence in the movie is contagious.

Tarantino was a big fan of Sharon Tate, so her role in the movie was to highlight how Tate was enjoying Hollywood at the time, quietly going about her life and relishing it. This is in stark contrast to Rick Dolton’s character that had a lot more lines but is struggling in a Hollywood that is moving on. For a while were just watching characters living life, hanging out and talking.

The two eventually come together and when they do it’s the most we’ve heard from Tate, engaging in normal conversation with Dolton and inviting him in for a drink. It’s very simple, and some people will love it and some people will hate it.

This could be Dicaprios and Pitts best performance to date. They were smooth and cool, and they bounced off each other perfectly. Real acting from real actors and when you’re watching that on the big’s really cool. I found myselef lost in the scene where Rick Dolton plays a villanous cowboy in a movie. It was an incredible performance (within a performance).

Is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Boring?

Bradd Pitt Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Let’s get this straight. This is a dialogue driven movie, with a VERY simple plot. This is enough to be boring to the typical moviegoing audience, including myself. It’s just about people living their lives. There’s no real plot to develop our characters in that satisfying way we’re all used to. What that meant however is that Tarantino relied heavily on dialogue and performaces and that didn’t dissapoint. The acting was good enough for the film to still be entertaining and the dialogue still had many comedic elements. Not to worry, theres still the comedic, brutal and sudden violence you will be accustomed too in a Tarantino movie, but the overall feel of the film is different.

A Great ‘Altered History’ Ending

On the first watch, the ending will (for many people) be underwhelming. It certainly is Tarantinos CRAZIEST finale with the gore, but the very very last scene, I was… underwhelmed. On looking into the facts more, the ending is amazing. Talk about the true events and when you know what really happened and what happened in Tarantino’s version, you realise this is more of a passion piece for someone that was a fan of Sharon Tate and classic Hollywood.

It’s an alternate history where the Manson Family killers are brutally murdered (in the BEST Tarantino way) before they even get to Tate’s house, leaving her and her friends alive with a fictional happy ending that they were denied in real life. This is movie is like were hooked up to Tarantino’s brain and we too are experiencing his nostalgic Hollywood ‘fantasy’ with an alternate ending for Sharon Tate and for her murderers.

So, Is It an Enjoyable Tarantino Flick?

Rick Dolton Once Upon A Time In Hollywood HD Image

So now that we know the facts and can understand the bizzare movie a bit more, was it actually enjoyable? Sure, I can appreciate it and the whole premise of the movie is actually really sweet, but it’s Tarantino’s slowest paced film yet and for like 2 hours I really was questioning where exactly he was going with this.

It’s a hit or miss movie and there will be people that won’t get it (like myself at first) or won’t be able to relate to it in any way, but if you want to watch an original picture with incredible actors acting incredibly, make sure you see Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood.

5 Hooves out of 10

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