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Ready Or Not – A Wickedly Fun Horror-Comedy

The premise of Ready Or Not is simple and straight to the point (like this review). The Le Domas family has a peculiar tradition to new members marrying into the family; to choose a cursed game to play. Alex (Mark O’Brien) has been somewhat estranged from them for some time, but family bonds are hard to break when he brings the charming Grace (Samara Weaving) as his bride. At their family mansion, the marriage takes place but after the family’s traditional “game” initiation begins. Along with his brother Daniel (Adam Brody), father Tony (Henry Czerny), mother Becky (Andie MacDowell), and the rest of the twisted group, Alex and Grace are roped into what Alex feared, a cat and mouse chase to the death that Grace believes is “hide and seek.”

Sure, the plot sounds pretty basic on paper, and it is with its 90 min runtime, but what made this horror comedy so good is the way it’s executed. The direction, pace, cinematography and a standout lead performance from Samara Weaving.

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Their wasn’t a weak performence for me in this, but of course the standout was our lead Samara Weaving. She was emotionally relatable with her expressive face and the deliverence of her lines with sarcastic wit. Her character Grace is easy to root for here as she screams, fights and crawls her way around the Le Domas mannor in her bloodstained white wedding dress. There are no frustratingly stupid mistakes made by the character that makes you scoff at how unrealistic it all is. The mistakes she does make is justified as you can’t help but imagine yourself doing the same thing in the situation.

The Filmmaking

The greenish, yellow colour scheme fits the films tone and highlights the evil that had been committed at the Le Domas manor. The overall feel of the film was House Of Terror due to the sinister personality of the mansion, with a Victorian architecture, spooky andcultish decor with candles and stuffed animals on the walls.

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Worth Watching?

This is a terrifically fun, comedy horror and is a great example of why independent films and ideas need to be available in theaters. It was bloody tense and humorous journey that There were two main trailers for Ready or Not, the one made the film look mostly comedic, and the other made it look terryfying. The movie itself is in fact a mixture of the two and either way youre going to be suprised. It’ll make you laugh, make your jaw drop, make you tense and just thoroughly entertained throughout. It’s worth the watch.

7 Hooves Out Of 10

7 Hooves Out Of 10

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