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The JOKER Movie Is Revolutionary.

The Joker movie has opened up the golden gates for DC and Warner Bro’s, providing them with their biggest and best opportunity to create a new cinematic age for comic-book films. That’s only if they wake up and smell the coffee, and in this case: smell the Joker. 

Despite some doubts, DC truly pull it out the bag with this one. It’s a dark and intense character study following one of the most infamous villains in comic-book history, it’s a no brainer. Joker has managed to beat the controversy and media sh*t storm which was thrown its way and successfully created something that no one can destroy: a bloody good film. 

Joker Movie 2019 Arthur Fleck

Joker Is Extraordinary:

People are calling the new Joker movie a masterpiece and the best film of 2019 so far, and rightly so. It’s a ruthless character study following Arthur Fleck’s transition into the Joker. It showcases a natural progression in which we all know the end product of, yet it’s how we get there which keeps our bums glued to seats and eyeballs glued to screen (not literally, now that would be horrific). While the story is no where near groundbreaking, the acting, cinematography and score is what pushes Joker to extreme heights.

Every shot from this movie is seductive, the camera movements are fantastic and even aspects such as the world building is impressive. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is nothing short of spectacular, from the moment the film starts you’re not watching Phoenix, you’re watching Arthur Fleck become The Joker. Phoenix truly gave it his all with this performance and it really does show. Oh and then there’s the score by Hildur Guðnadóttir, it’s haunting, anxiety inducing and it’s beautiful. 

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Joker Movie HD Still Bathroom Scene

Joker Is DC’s Superpower:

The only problem with this film is it simply isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Some audience members may be hoping for The Dark Knight but with more Joker, this obviously isn’t the case. Joker is an in-depth character driven story showing the cruel and distorted transition of a damaged man into a nightmare-inducing villain. All of this and more is exactly what makes Joker ‘revolutionary’. This is DC’s wake-up call that will hopefully set them on a path of nothing bus success.

After the failed attempts of their own cinematic universe, Warner Bro’s and DC have hopefully realised that they no longer need to try and replicate the Marvel Cinematic Universe and instead offer audiences something different.

DC aren’t weighed down by a family-friendly cinematic universe that must always interconnect through each and every film, they’re able to pull off what Marvel could never. DC are in the perfect position to give us stories full of heart like Shazam! while also providing us with seriously dark character focused films like Joker. If Warner Bro’s and DC accept what they’re good at and continue to give talented directors the freedoms to create the films they WANT to create it will become DC’s ultimate superpower. 

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Joker 2019 Movie Face Paint

Joker Is A Must-Watch:

Joker is revolutionary for Warner Bro’s and DC which will hopefully serve as the wake up call that they desperately need. This could be the beginning of a golden-age for DC films and truly give audiences what they want: meaningful, character driven stories.

However, in terms of how the audience will feel please don’t go in expecting some funny, upbeat, action packed Joker movie. However you will still enjoy it. Joker is an artistic and ruthless character study that will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth as soon as those credits roll. It’s a seriously uncomfortable journey but it’s worth it. Overall, DC knock it out of the park with Joker, it’s truly is something special and has hopefully created a new age for comic-book flicks.

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