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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is Heart-Breaking. (NO SPOILERS)

A feature-length sequel to Breaking Bad? Yes please! The Breaking Bad series was a favourite among millions of viewers, quickly becoming one of the most-watched and loved TV series in entertainment history. It only makes sense to re-visit the original show with a sequel. However, does it live up its predecessor? And is this so called sequel even necessary? Short answer: No. Long answer: Keep reading.

El Camino Is All About Jesse Pinkman:

El Camino begins exactly where Breaking Bad left off. A broken Jesse Pinkman escapes his captors and does everything in his power to escape the law and start a new life. That’s basically the entire film, in fact it feels like much less of a sequel to Breaking Bad but instead more of a character focused feature on the one and only: Jesse Pinkman.

While it seems that may come across as a negative, it’s really not. Writer and Director Vince Gilligan has successfully ripped one of the best things about the entire series and focused an entire feature-length film on that one thing. Jesse Pinkman’s character is one that audiences utterly adored throughout the shows run and aside from Heisenburg himself, became the shows most iconic and likeable character.

Jesse Pinkman El Camino 2019

Jesse Pinkman Is Loveable:

Jesse Pinkman is your typically flawed character: he’s young, naive and gets himself caught up in some seriously terrible stuff. Yet above it all, he’s simply not a bad person. He’s a good guy that has bad things happen to him, and while he’s not entirely innocent, the show made sure he paid the ultimate price for his actions. El Camino showcases his fight for a second chance in one last attempt to move on from his twisted past.

Watching Jesse Pinkman makes you feel like you’re his parent. I mean this in the way that everyone is out to get him, even the police, yet you know him deep down and you know he’s not a bad person and you just want him to be safe. Let’s be honest, if we could we would wrap him up in cotton wool and keep him safe for the rest of his life, Vince Gilligan plays on this very well and that’s why El Camino works.

El Camino Still HD 2019

El Camino Is Nail-Biting:

It would also be crazy not to mention how well shot this film is. The cinematography and camera work throughout feels flawless. From the moment the film begins to the moment it ends you’re holding your breath, to say this film is tense would be a total understatement. You’re rooting for Jesse, you want him to escape this life and build a new one and watching him try to get from A-B is emotionally draining.

Then once you begin to scratch the surface of this film you can see a whole new picture. The story explores PTSD, mental health and its effect on people. It focuses on the bonds of friendship, second chances and fighting for a better life. It’s all about moving on from traumatic pasts, dealing with pain and making a better life for yourself. Once you look into and appreciate these themes you truly start to notice how beautiful this film really is.

Jesse Pinkman HD Still 2019 Netflix

El Camino Is Not Disappointing:

El Camino is not necessary in anyway at all. This film did not need to be made but boy I’m glad it was. It’s less of an actual sequel and more of a character focused feature on Jesse Pinkman. It’s heart-wrenching, nail-biting and gorgeous. Vince Gilligan has given fans a final and extra dose of Breaking Bad that does not disappoint. El Camino is Breaking Bad’s final send-off and if you’re a fan of the original show you DO NOT want to miss it.

8 Hooves Out of 10

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