Inhumans Reboot In MCU with Ms Marvel

The upcoming Ms Marvel TV series for DisneyPlus is in currently in development. The show will reportedly reboot the Inhumans into the MCU. How you may be wondering? Well keep reading…

Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel is a young woman who gains inhuman abilities which allow her to alter her bodies shape and size, she goes on to use those powers to fight against evil. She’s an extremely popular Marvel character who will soon be making her long-awaited debut into the MCU.

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Ms Marvel’s Origin Story And How The Inhumans will Rebooted:

The Inhumans are a race of altered human beings that possess superhuman abilities. They were first introduced onto our screens by Marvel Television and only lasted one season.

The Inhuman family were not tied into the MCU but were a product of Marvel, they’re a key part to Ms Marvel’s origin story which means that a reboot is very much possible and looking extremely likely.

Ms Marvel and LockJaw: The Inhumans Reboot

Kamala Khan get’s her powers when Black Bolt of the Inhumans released a Terrigen Mist into earth’s atmosphere, Khan got exposed to this mist and therefore developed her abilities.

The Inhumans family ties heavily into Ms Marvel’s comic book storyline so it only makes sense that Marvel plan to reboot and introduce them into the MCU via this particular series.

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Actors Being Eyed For The Inhuman Reboot Roles:

It’s also rumoured that Marvel are already eyeing some big-time actors for certain roles in the Inhuman family. Vin Diesel is being eyed for the character of Black Bolt (Head of the Inhuman royal family) and Aaaron Taylor Johnson as Maximus the Mad (Member of the Inhuman family).

Both actors have had roles in the MCU before with Johnson playing Quicksilver and Vin Diesel voicing Groot. However, it seems Marvel are happy re-casting actors/actresses in other MCU roles since Gemma Chang who first appeared in Captain Marvel is now playing the lead character Sersi in the Eternals. 

Blackbolt and Maximus The Mad: Inhumans Reboot

It’s important to clarify that none of this has yet been confirmed so take these details lightly as things change during development.

However, it’s likely that we may get some casting announcements by the end of the year as the show is set to begin filming in April 2020.

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