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Nova To Join MCU In Phase 5, But Who Is He?

Intergalactic Marvel Comic-book hero Nova is set to join the MCU in Phase 5!

According to MCU Cosmic, it’s believed that Nova will appear in Phase 5 of the MCU, alongside Blade, Fantastic Four and The Mutants. The project has reportedly been in development for a while so it’s likely he’ll make his MCU debut soon. However, you may be wondering who even is Nova? Well, look no further.

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Marvel's Nova to join MCU in Phase 5

Who Is Nova aka Richard Rider?

Nova aka Richard Rider initially started as a randomly chosen member of the intergalactic police force named Nova Corps in which he receives special powers otherwise known as the ‘Nova Force’.

These powers consist of superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, perception, flight, healing and even energy powers.

However, the Nova Corps and Xandar were eventually destroyed and Nova absorbed the entire power of the Nova-Force as well as the Xandarian world-mind (the living databases of all Xandarian history, civilisation and people). 

Nova Corps Guardians Of The Galaxy: Nova MCU Phase 5

How Will Nova Join The MCU In Phase 5?

Xandar and the Nova Corps have already appeared in the MCU via Guardians of the Galaxy. They were the police force that were hunting down the Guardians and eventually came to their aid in an attempt to prevent Ronan from destroying Xandar.

However, as mentioned in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos decimated Xandar in order to receive the power stone, this could be how Nova is first introduced into the MCU and gains the entire powers of the Nova-Force and Xandarian WorldMind.

It would be an interesting way to introduce Richard Rider and see more of the destruction Thanos delivered pre-Endgame.

Nova being introduced in Phase 5 is not yet officially confirmed but it’s very likely. He may even first be introduced through a separate TV series or film before his own film is revealed, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Excited for Nova to make his MCU debut? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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