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5 Reasons The Walking Dead Is Losing Viewers

AMC’s The Walking Dead is well into its tenth season, the show is still going strong but it’s no secret that viewership for each season has gradually been declining each year. Why is this The Walking Dead losing viewers? Well we just may have the answers…

The Walking Dead Season 1 Characters

1.) Change In Style

The Walking Dead first began in 2010, the style back then felt very ‘Hollywood’, the first season fitted the mould of your typical American-style Zombie flick. The action, characters and humour all felt very, dare we say it: mainstream. As the show continued, the style dramatically changed. Different directors have had a crack at several episodes and The Walking Dead developed its own style with grainy cinematography, metaphoric moments and an old-western type feel. Viewers who watched in 2010 were watching a very different show to what they watch now in 2020. Just one of many reasons The Walking Dead could be losing viewers.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Michonne

2.) More Loyal Viewers

Because of the change in style, The Walking Dead eventually lost it’s mainstream audiences used to ‘Americanised zombie-killing action’. This left the so called ‘die-hard’ fans as the main viewers. These are people who have their hearts invested into the comics, characters and their stories. While the general viewership may be reducing over seasons, the community/fandom surrounding The Walking Dead has only got bigger/stronger.

The Walking Dead Rick and Carl

3.) Death of Rick and Carl

The comic-books have always made it clear that Rick (along with Carl) is the heart and soul of the story. This is why Andrew Lincoln leaving the show was a huge blow for the TV series. Carl would have been the natural successor to carry on that story yet they killed him off too? Don’t get us started on that. With both Rick and Carl out of the show, in many ways The Walking Dead lost its main essence. However, new show runner Angela Kang has done an amazing job at picking up the pieces and breathing new life into the show. We love you Angela.

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The Walking Dead Whisperers

4.) Dragged Out Story-lines

The show is following the comic-book series now more than ever which is great, the only issue is these stories are dragged out way too much. With 16 episodes in each season, comic storylines are spread way too thin, leaving gap-filler episodes and the introduction of not so important/less interesting story-lines. This leads to less action and less interest.

The Walking Dead Daryl and Carol

5.) Lack of Interest

The Walking Dead has been running for 9 years, produced a total of 10 seasons all with 16 episodes. It only makes sense that views would decrease after such a long time. PLUS we also have the introduction of new streaming services all producing countless amounts of ‘fresh’ binge-worthy shows to choose from. No matter how good a show is, 10 seasons is a lot.

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The Future Is Bright:

It’s important for us to mention that we LOVE The Walking Dead. The show has developed into something truly special, sure bad decisions were made along the way *cough* Carl *cough* but the show still has an amazing fanbase and community surrounding it. Season 10 was the best rated series of all time and still shows signs of getting better. While there’s still a lot of life left in The Walking Dead franchise, it’s fair to say that views are only going to continue to decrease. The fans still love it though, and that’s all that matters, right?

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