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The Gentlemen – Why It’s NOT What You’re Expecting.

Think you know exactly what you’re getting from Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen after watching the trailer? Here’s why you don’t…

After watching Rian Johnson’s murder mystery Knives Out last year (happy new year) and loving the style of the story telling, I was pleasantly surprised to find out The Gentlemen goes for a similiar style. Although it’s not a whodunnit murder mystery, the story of crime lord Mickey Pearson had more twists and turns than anyone could have predcited. The way Guy Ritchie goes about telling this story made this film so much more entertaining, especially when that story is being told by Hugh Grant’s ‘Fletcher’. The mystery behind why Fletcher is telling Mickey’s story in the first place and the added comedy to it, makes this film as enticing and entertaining as a murder mystery, which is something I really wasn’t expecting.

Why It Exceded Expectations

As soon as Fletcher begins unravelling the story to Ray, (Charlie Hunnam) the rollercoaster ride of gripping tension and fun moments begins. Acting wise, this film delivers some of the most interesting characters I’ve seen all year (hello January) although previously expecting this to be another all star movie with no added depth, it was really impressive seeing these well known actors who usually play the same roles do something different. Most of all, an unrecognisable Hugh Grant, who gives a very, VERY different performance. This is not your Love Actually, Nottinghill Hugh Grant. That Hugh Grant is dead.

The Gentlemen HD Image 2020

Is It Better than Snatch?

The film itself wasn’t as brutal and gorey in the violence that I was expecting, like Snatch or Legend. Instead the action and gore is there but doesn’t make the film what it is. What was the showcase of the film was it’s power and wits with extremely tense moments. At one point of the film I had no idea which character was going to walk out alive. I had no idea it was going to be so unpredictable, going into the cinema I was expecting some over the top, Kingsman-esque action movie with over the top gore. Instead, we got just the right amount of action, humour and talented actors bringing to life a fabulously british and stylish world of crime.

Hugh Grant In The Gentlemen still

Should You Jump Up and See It As Soon As It Releases?

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: The film is just a solid crime film that never fails to deliver on the entertainment and comedy. The plot threads that tie together at the end is immensely satisfying and not overcomplicated. The journey to the end is even better. Has it got that typical Guy Ritchie style you guys loved in ‘Snatch’? Absolutely. If you love Guy Ritchie films, or just a british gangster comedy, I’d recommend seeing this as soon as possible.

7 Hooves Out of 10

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