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Why Jojo Rabbit Is Our Favourite Film of 2020.

If you live in the UK, you may be wondering ‘when does Jojo rabbit come out’ and well the answer is: right now. It seems like the rest of the world watched this film months ago and it’s only until now that we’re finally graced with it on our screens. We can confirm JoJo Rabbit is pure brilliance, it’s Taika Waititi at his best and it will not disappoint. Just make sure you take some tissues with you, it’s a tough one. (No Spoilers)

Jojo Rabbit Is Taika Waititi’s Best:

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that the same person who directed Jojo Rabbit is the same person who wrote and directed Thor: Ragnarok, arguably one of the most artistic and entertaining MCU movies to ever exist. Taika Waititi seems to never let us down and has once again created another masterpiece. An anti-hate satire following a young boy in WWII Germany who while enjoys being part of the ‘Hitler Youth’ yet discovers a jewish girl hiding in his wall. Oh and his best-friend is an imaginary Hitler (played by Waititi himself).

Taika Waititi Jojo Rabbit film

The story is heart-warming, well paced and VERY emotional. In the words of Luke Skywalker ‘this is not going to go the way you think’, JoJo Rabbit is full of some brilliant moments and something we haven’t really experienced in a while: extremely powerful imagery.  The humour is dark and there’s many moments you feel as If you shouldn’t be laughing but there you are, struggling to breath from tremendous laughter. 

Jojo Rabbit Movie Still

Go See Jojo Rabbit:

The performances are rock solid, even from the much younger cast. Waititi’s take on imaginary Hitler is utterly rib-tickling and unforgettable. Lines are crossed and boundaries are pushed but this film never loses its main essence: heart. If you’re looking for a film to make you scream with laughter and sob like a child then this if the film for you. Seeing as it’s one of the UK’s big 2020 movie releases, we’ll even go as far to say it’s our favourite film of this year! Now go, leave the house, visit the cinema and go see JoJo Rabbit!

9 Hooves Out of 10

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